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A Juice That Helps A Headache

Headaches can be caused from a variety of reasons including dehydration, stress, tension, infections, inflammatory conditions, allergies, environmental factors, fatigue and irregular blood sugars. Drinking plenty of water is always helpful and juices can also help to offer relief due to the electrolytes and anti-inflammatory nutrients in the juice that are easily absorbed with the additional hydration.

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Probiotics: Top Benefits, Foods and Supplements

Whether you’re looking to help your immune function, decrease disease risk or simply improve your overall health, probiotics can make a worthy addition to your daily routine.

Not only that, but some people — including billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates — even believe that probiotics could hold the key to ending malnutrition across the globe someday.

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Natural Homemade Magnesium Gummies For Insomnia, Anxiety, And Stress

Anxiety is a common word today in the wellness community. What should be a natural response alerting us to danger (think “fight or flight”) often persists and develops into a chronic condition. While there are many reasons for we humans to be anxious–from crime and terrorism to global warming–a change in our diets could also be to blame.

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Stay healthy by eating these potassium-rich foods

Do you get enough potassium in your diet? The overwhelming majority of American citizens fail to get enough of this valuable nutrient on a daily basis. In fact, some estimates indicate that 98 percent of people in the United States aren’t getting enough potassium from the food they eat,

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7 Easy to Grow at Home Spices


Spices add flavor and zest to any meal. They are aromatic, delicious, and packed with health-promoting properties. They can also be kind of expensive if you use enough of them. The good news is, you can grow an abundance of beautiful spices right in your home garden. 

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Capsaicin and lung cancer: Can a natural compound from chili peppers prevent metastasis?


Chili peppers are often used to give dishes a spicy kick – but they are more than that. Researchers from the Marshall University in West Virginia discovered that the natural compound that gives chili peppers their “heat” called capsaicin could be used against lung cancer.

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7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

People go plant-based for lots of reasons. These include losing weight, feeling more energetic, reducing the risk of heart disease, decreasing the number of pills they take … there are dozens of great reasons! For even more inspiration, check out these other benefits you can expect when you go plant-based.

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Mineral Alert: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

Selenium Selenium is an important essential trace mineral and you may be missing out on it if you’re not eating enough of the right foods.

It’s important for immune strength particularly against viral infections, helpful for fertility, essential for liver detoxification, supports healthy cognition,

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The Clean 15

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10 depression-fighting vitamins and minerals

There’s an intimate connection between food and mood.

If you feel depressed more than you’d like, or if you just can’t seem to ‘beat the blues,’ it’s worth taking a good hard look at your diet.

Depending upon your age, one nutrient group or another may become more crucial to health.

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Discover the Wild Blue Wonder…Blueberries

Calories in blueberries?

There are 84 calories in blueberries

How many carbs in blueberries?

There are 21.4 grams of carbs in blueberries

Fiber in blueberries?

There are 3.6 grams of dietary fiber in blueberries

Protein in blueberries?

There are 1.1 grams of protein in blueberries

Along with these Daily Values for the following nutrients:

36% vitamin K

25% manganese

24% vitamin C

Did You Know?

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The Benefits of an Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

apple cider vinegar

How to Improve Your Health Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for thousands of years for medical purposes. The ancient Greeks used it to treat wounds. 

Much more recently, the apple cider variety has been tested for its ability to support weight loss,

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