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Bananas [health meme]

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Quercetin Ain’t Nothin’ to Sneeze At!

Whether the weather is warming up in the spring or cooling down in the fall, a welcome season change can bring unwelcome allergy flare-ups complete with sneezing, itching, runny nose, watery eyes, even some wheezing.


While plenty of people line up at the doctor’s office or start browsing drugstore aisles,

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8 Powerful Natural Helps for Allergies

For an estimated 30 million or more Americans, allergens can make free breathing a real challenge.

Allergies are a combination of reactions the body has to one or more substance that is usually harmless. They are actually considered an immune response. If the body thinks that a substance is dangerous,

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Eastern Medicine vs. West! [Infographic]

East versus West!
How does the popular notion relate to health and medicine?

Herbologists in Asia have experimented with plants as a way to treat the body for more than 5,000 years. And their discoveries have helped people improve their health, beauty and mental acuity.

Many major tenets of western medicine,

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4 Thyroid Supplements from Nature’s Sunshine

Next to muscle mass, glandular imbalances are certainly influential in regulating the body’s basal metabolic rate.  For instance, if the body is low in iodine, thyroid function is reduced and slows the metabolism. Thyroid supplements can be used to help support your thyroid.

Nature’s Sunshine has several thyroid supplements that provide quality dietary sources of iodine and help to build and support your thyroid gland.

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29 Small Intestine & Colon Function Basics

The small intestinal system and the colon both play an important role in your digestive system. Take care of them and life is much more comfortable. The average American diet can wreck havoc on the intestinal system. And an unhealthy intestinal system can lead to a host of other problems.

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The Truth about Soy – Busting the Myths

The great debate… People seem to be either for soy, or against soy. And people seem to have some very strong opinions.

So we spent some time analysing the science and investigated further to find out why there’s so much conflicting opinion and confusion floating around about this humble bean.

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Recipe – Spinach Crust Pizza

vegan broccoli zucchini pizza crust with spinach pesto, tomatoes, onion and olives. toning. selective focus

Step 1: Blend 2 cups fresh baby spinach and 1/2 cup mozzarella (or other soft) cheese together in a food processor.

Step 2: Stir in 1 beaten egg, fresh chopped basil and fresh chopped oregano (1 tsp each or to taste).

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10 Best Foods For The Brain

Every bite of food you eat can affect your body. But, what about the effect food can have on the brain? It’s been established that foods that are rich in sugar and trans fats can leave you feeling anxious and depressed while those that are high in nutrients can help make you mentally sharp,

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Drinking Water at The Correct Time [Infographic]

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Plant-Based Milk [Infographic]

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22 Little Known Dangers Of Magnesium Deficiency And What To Do About It

Next to potassium, magnesium is the second most plentiful positive-charged-ion in the cellular fluid. Magnesium is a key cofactor in more than 300 enzyme-driven biochemical reactions, and a key mineral in hundreds of functions in the body.

Sophistication Of Magnesium

The functions of magnesium in the human body is complex and sophisticated.

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