The Marshmallow Herb: The Incredible Sweet Herb That Can Do Anything From Fighting Inflammation To Healing UTIs

440The marshmallow herb is new to me, but this sweet and delicate herb has been used for centuries to cure many different diseases. I always love learning about herbs, plants, fruits, and vegetables that can help cure a multitude of issues. The marshmallow herb is definitely a plant that can be used for many different purposes.

Herbs that are known to solve more than one problem are referred to as polycrest herbs – and the marshmallow herb definitely belongs in that family. It is primarily known as a demulcent that works specifically with mucous membrane tissues. Because it is so thick it can be used to coat and soothe tissues irritated by mouth ulcers, sore throats, peptic ulcers, and inflamed intestines.

Marshmallow herb also works as a lubricant demulcent for the urinary tract and the lungs – though it never actually comes in contact with these parts of your body. This is the explanation that herbalist Jim Mcdonald gives us:

‘Though it makes sense that demulcents coat tissues, the physical mucilage is actually very poorly absorbed by the body, and certainly isn’t traveling through the blood to the kidneys. Rather, the ingestion of mucilage seems to promote a systemic moistening of tissues throughout the body, with some demulcents being more specific to particular organ systems.’

A survey published by Paul Bergner also revealed that marshmallow is one of the top 20 herbs used by professional herbalists in the U.S.

Uses For The Marshmallow Herb

Like a lot of the herbs that we commonly use today, the marshmallow herb has a long history of being used as medicine – going back at least 2,000 years! A lot of herbalists who use marshmallow herb use the root, but the leaves and flowers can be used as well.

Topical Uses

Marshmallow root can be used as a topical treatment for wounds and burns and it works incredibly. In the past, it was known as the mortification root because of its ability to heal and prevent gangrene. It can also be used to treat rashes and other various skin irritations.

Urinary Problems

Another common use for this incredible herb is the treatment of different urinary issues. It can be used to treat cystitis, kidney stones, and UTIs. Not only is it a demulcent for the urinary tract, it is also a diuretic, which is known to help treat various urinary problems.

Inflammation Fighter

Marshmallow herb is one of the go-to herbs for herbalists looking to treat problems in the digestive tract related to inflammation. This means ulcers, colitis, and constipation. Besides being used to treat inflammation, the root of the herb is a vulnerary meaning it can heal wounds within the digestive tract.

Heals Colds and Flus

A great way to fight cold and flu season is with the marshmallow herb. It soothes inflamed and sore throats, stimulates an important part of the immune system known as phagocytosis, and can even moisten the lungs, relieving hot coughs with little to no expectoration. It has also been found to be a powerful anti-tussive as well.

Using Marshmallow Herb

Marshmallow herb can be used in a few different ways that vary on the nature of the problem you need to solve. It can be used in a tea, made into a syrup, used externally as a wash, mixed into other tea blends, or infused into water or honey. The leaves and flowers can also be used as a tea or syrup, and also make delicious additions to salads!

From healing simple, everyday issues to more complex internal problems, every part of the marshmallow herb is a powerful tool to keep in your natural remedies arsenal. It is one of my new favorites and I always have some on hand to use at a moment’s notice. Give this spectacular herb a try and see what it can do for you. Enjoy!


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