Turmeric Could Help You Manage Your Depression

turmeric-depressionEveryone feels sad or blue once in a while. Usually you’ll be ok within a couple of days because it just is part of your natural emotional cycle.

You’re supposed to have your emotional highs and lows, it’s the way your emotional health can keep balance and help you survive whatever life throws at you.

The problem lies when the cycle doesn’t flow. Especially when your emotional cycle seems to be stuck on the sad spectrum of your emotions. Although being stuck on the happy part of the cycle might be even creepier: just imagine someone enjoying themselves as horrible things happen to their lives and their loved ones.

Depression is a really serious disease that constantly gets ignored or misdiagnosed. People tend to think that if they ignore it or just “man up” things will be fine.

What are its symptoms?

If you’re noticing that you’ve been feeling sad, exhausted, feeling unable to concentrate, feeling guilty, or despairing for more than a couple of months, you might be coping with depression.

If that’s the case, please visit your family doctor to make sure you’re diagnosed. The worst thing you can do is act as if nothing is happening.

What are its causes?

The particularly worrying part of depression is that everyone is potentially vulnerable. So far, the factors are environmental, genetic, biological, and psychological.

Factors like your environment, overall genetic makeup (although your diet can have some impact on your genes) and your psychological predisposition are currently beyond your control.

However, you can still hold some control over the biological factor. This is why living healthy and eating healthy are vital for your mind.

What are the common forms treating depression?

Traditionally, most doctors will recommend treating your depression with a combination of therapy and medication.

While I believe therapy is absolutely necessary to help you navigate through the emotional complexities that may be behind your depression, I believe that some medical practitioners might be a bit too over reliant on prescribing medication.

Especially when you take into account the side-effects of these pills:

– Blurred vision.

– Sleep disruption.

– Weight gain.

– Loss of libido.

– Sexual dysfunction.

– Agitation.

– Anxiety.

Unless your medical practitioner is convinced that you need medication to function, it might be best to look for a natural alternative to help supplement the treatment offered by therapy.

This is where turmeric comes into the picture:

The department of pharmacology at the Government Medical College of Bhavnagar, India, dedicated a study comparing the effectiveness of turmeric and Prozac to treat depression.

They gave each patients 1000 mg of turmeric and 10 mg of Prozac individually or combined to best gauge the effects of each treatment.

The results were the following: 77% of the patients reacted positively to the combination treatment compared to the 64.7% of Prozac and 62.5% of turmeric positive reactions.

This demonstrates that turmeric can almost be as effective as Prozac to treat the symptoms of depression without all the life-altering side effects of most prescription depression medication.

Even if it’s not used to help you recover from a depression, turmeric still has amazing health benefits and applications that make it a must have in your home.





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