8 Health Benefits of Thyme

thyme3Thyme is one of the herbs that has a thousands-of-years-long history of medicinal and health-boosting use. From ancient Egypt to the modern supermarket spice shelf, thyme has been with us for time immemorial. Its benefits are numerous and remarkable. Eight of the most prominent among them are briefly outlined below.

1. An Anti-Acne Agent

Thyme’s anti-bacterial prowess, when aided by a days-long soak in a glass of pure alcohol, is incredible. The resulting “tincture” has been found, at least by one U.K. study, to have significant positive effects in the war on acne.

2. Lowering Blood Pressure

The extract of certain Afghan and Pakistani varieties of wild thyme have shown promise for lowering blood pressure and even cholesterol levels. If used as a salt substitute, thyme can add flavor to your food and may help lower your blood pressure level as well.

3. A Cough Suppressant

Essential oil of thyme leaves is a frequently resorted to cough suppressant. Sore throats and relentless coughing may well be improved with the use of a little thyme. One study even found that thyme and ivy leaf essential oils together were effective against acute bronchitis symptoms.

4. An Immune System Booster

With immense amounts of vitamins C and A packed into it, thyme can be used to ward off an oncoming cold or to generally boost immune health. Manganese, copper, iron, and fiber are among the other wonderfully potent nutrients found in thyme.

5. A Disinfectant

Thymol and thyme essential oil have another use- getting rid of undesirable mold that may be hiding somewhere in your home. Mold does not just sit still. It spreads its unhealthful spores through the air you breathe. Killing it off effectively with thyme is a great option.

6. Mosquito Repellant

Grow thyme in your garden, and you should notice a decline in the mosquito population as you pick your tomatoes next spring. Rub thyme leaves between your hands or mix thyme essential oil with olive oil before applying it on your skin, and you should keep the pests a little further off.

7. As An Air Freshener

Thyme is a common ingredient in potpourri due to its intense and pleasant smell. The aroma of thyme can make your kitchen, bathroom, or other room much more enjoyable to live in.

8. As a Spice

Now, you already knew that thyme was a spice, but you should not neglect to use it as such just because you now find that thyme has so many other great uses. It goes great in Italian pasta, French cuisine, or on top of baked fish.


Thyme should be a constantly in-stock item in your home pantry. It is cheap, easy to find, and has a great number of beneficial effects. Take thyme to live a healthy, natural lifestyle- you will not regret it!



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