This Essential Oil Has Been Proven To Kill Athlete’s Foot

ATHLETE’S-FOOT-295x300The most common fungal infection of the skin, athlete’s foot typically begins between the toes, causing itching, scaling, and sometimes painful breaks in the skin. This generally harmless but unusually pesky condition may be relieved with this natural remedy.


  • Scaling and peeling between the toes. In severe cases, there may be cracks between the toes.
  • Redness, itching, scaling, and tiny blisters along the sides and soles of the feet.
  • Soft and painful skin.
  • Infected toenails that can become thickened, discolored, or crumbly.

What It Is

The fungi (tinea pedis) that cause it are tiny, plantlike, cells found on the skin of all humans. They can multiply out of control under certain conditions.

The fungi thrive in cramped, damp places, such as inside shoes and socks. In some people, athlete’s foot occurs entirely between the toes, where the skin cracks, peels, and becomes scaly. In others, the infection appears on  the soles and sides of the feet or affects the toenails.

What Causes It

The most common fungi causing athlete’s foot are called Trichophytons. Though poorly ventilated shoes and sweaty socks provide an excellent breeding ground for the fungi, athlete’s foot is not highly contagious, so walking barefoot in a locker room does not increase your risk.

How Tea Tree Oil Cures It

Tea tree oil, a powerful natural antifungal agent, alters the chemical environment of the skin, making it inhospitable to fungal growth.

Effective topical preparations include creams or lotions containing tea tree oil; look for products that contain tea tree oils one of the top ingredients, or make your own by adding two parts tea tree oil to three parts of a neutral oil, such as coconut or almond oil.

For an antifungal foot bath, add 20 drops of tea tree oil to a small tub of warm water; soak your feet for 15 minutes two or three times a day. Dry the feet well and dab a few drops  of undiluted tea tree oil on the affected areas.

Did You Know?

Athlete’s foot does not often occur in children under age 12. If a child shows symptoms similar to those of athlete’s foot, odds are it’s another skin condition, and you may need to consult a pediatrician about it.

Many of you have probably already heard of the old remedy of peeing on your feet in the shower for curing athlete’s foot.

Some of the best things about using your pee as a cure for athlete’s foot is that it doesn’t cost you anything, plus there’s plenty of it to last a lifetime. Not only that, but no one will borrow your remedy and not return it. In 1994 Madonna gave pee a pretty good boost as a cure for athlete’s foot during a David Letterman interview.

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