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1818One of the big keys to good health is to obtain an adequate supply of trace minerals. Unfortunately, modern agricultural practices have led to a steady decline in the trace mineral content of our food over the last 100 years. Without these trace minerals, which act as catalysts for enzymes and co-factors for vitamins, good health can’t be maintained.

Mineral Chi Tonic is a trace mineral supplement that supplies dozens of essential trace minerals in a colloidal form for easier assimilation. However, Mineral Chi Tonic goes far beyond other colloidal mineral products by combining these minerals with extracts of Chinese tonic herbs that enhance the assimilation and utilization of the minerals.

These tonic herbs provide many benefits. First, they support the adrenal glands, which help maintain fluid and mineral balances in the body, aid in stress management, blood sugar regulation and energy production. These tonic herbs also enhance immune function, making the body more resistant to disease.

Another benefit is the ability of these herbs to help stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing insulin resistance and blood glucose levels. These herbs also help reduce chronic inflammation and free radical damage, the underlying cause of aging and chronic disease.

Mineral Chi Tonic is helpful for stress, fatigue, poor appetite, lowered immunity, broken bones, sugar cravings, autoimmune disorders, bipolar disorder and low blood pressure. It can be very beneficial for adrenal fatigue and feelings of “burn-out” that result in a person feeling confused, forgetful, emotionally sensitive, touchy and depressed.

Mineral Chi Tonic contains the following ingredients:

Gynostemma is a relatively newly discovered adaptogen that contains nearly four times as many saponins as Panax ginseng, the “king” of Chinese tonics. These saponins have similar structures and properties to those in ginseng. Gynostemma has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and immune-regulating. It enhances strength and physical endurance and balances all of the energy meridians in the body.

Lycium is a rich source of vitamin C. It has been used in Chinese medicine as a longevity tonic, immune enhancer and sexual tonic. It improves circulation and protects the liver and kidneys.

Known as the “five-flavored berry,” schizandra has all five tastes used in Chinese medicine. As a result, it is thought to balance all five of the Chinese energy systems or “elements” and their related organs. It is an adaptagen and enhances immune function. It also has hepatoprotective effects.

Eleuthero was the first herb identified as an adaptagen. It enhances the immune system, reduces stress, enhances energy and mental alertness.

A mild, food-like herb with sweet, tonic properties, astragalus enhances immunity, increases qi (chi) and helps regulate blood sugar. It boosts energy and endurance, builds the blood, reduces water retention, increases muscle mass and body tone, and builds bone marrow.

Licorice (deglycerrhized) has an anti-inflammatory effect. It supports the adrenals by sparing cortisol and aldosterone. It moistens tissue and increases endurance. It also balances blood sugar levels.
Reishi mushrooms normalize immune function and protect the liver from viral, drug or chemical damage. They also have a tonic effect on the cardiovascular system.

Ginger is a warming herb that enhances circulation and digestion. It can also help with motion sickness, morning sickness and dizziness.

An anti-aging herb that stimulates blood flow to the brain, ginkgo has antioxidant properties, too. It improves circulation and brain function.

Colloidal minerals supply trace minerals for bones, teeth and other tissues. Trace minerals also enhance enzyme systems and liver and glandular function. Mineral Chi Tonic also contains potassium, glycerin, white grape juice and apple and cherry flavoring.

Recommended Use

Some people like to take Mineral Chi Tonic straight, but most people prefer to disguise the taste with some form of juice. About 1-2 ounces per day is a good dose.

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