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o-EBOLA-VIRUS-facebookThe mainstream media is at it again. It seems like every year or so we get news of some new disease that threatens to wipe us all out. So far, these dire predictions never seem to come true. I’m cynical enough to believe that it’s a great way to promote vaccines. So, I won’t be surprised if we’re soon being urged to do mass vacinations for ebola. Frankly, I’m more concerned about mass vaccination than the diseases.

For me, life goes on as normal. This kind of news never really bothers me. It’s not that I don’t believe we could have a plague in this country, because I do. We could also suffer a major economic collapse  or get into another world war. Natural disasters can also strike any day. For instance, we had extreme rains here a few weeks ago that washed out a 15-mile stretch of interstate 15 between St. George and Las Vegas. And, I just learned yesterday that those same rains ruined the crops of many farmers in this area.

Life is filled with risk and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I’ve come to terms with that. But it doesn’t mean that I chose to be reckless. Quite the contrary. I value life, so I chose to do what I can to minimize the risks. I drive safely, I wear eye protection when I use certain power tools and I have smoke detectors in my home. I do my best to take care of my body and I try to maintain a positive attitude. I also prepare for emergencies.

Preparation is Important

Preparation reduces fear. This is a basic principle. The military helps reduce fear in soldiers by training. Pilots are drilled in how to handle emergencies so they won’t panic if something goes wrong. Worry accomplishes nothing. So, I chose not to worry, but I do chose to prepare. That’s a constructive way to handle something like this.

Because I’ve believed since I was a teenager that we could have a major breakdown in our society (for a variety of reasons), I’ve also realized that such a breakdown would cause widespread problems with sanitation and hence, disease. So, I’ve given a lot of thought to this scenero.

I don’t know any specific cures for Ebola. After all, I’ve never treated a case and I don’t know any other herbalist or natural healer who has either. So, I can’t tell you what to do for Ebola and neither can anyone else in the natural health community.But natural healing isn’t focused on treating diseases anyway. It’s focused on general principles that support the body in fighting disease. These principles don’t change because we have some “new” disease.

DoTerra and Young Living both got in trouble with the FDA because distributors were claiming essential oils could cure ebola. So, I’m not going to make any such claims for NSP products.  Any marketer who is trying to sell you stuff to “cure” Ebola because you’re suddenly afraid of it, is preying on your fears. (Which includes the government pushing for mass vaccination, by the way.)

If you’re scared take some Be Courageous flower essence or some Distress Remedy to get centered.  Both flower essence formulas contain red clover, which helps you not get caught up in the emotions of the group. I wish I could put this in the drinking water, because it helps you maintain a sense of balance when everyone else is getting caught up in group hysteria, anger or fear.

Be Courageous also helps you take action in the face of fear, which changes fear into something constructive. If you don’t take action, you tend to worry instead, which is totally unproductive. I’m going to share actions I’ve taken (long before this latest “Ebola Scare”), but first let’s examine the current situation more closely.

Gaining Perspective

There’s no queston that ebola is a scary disease, but I just checked the news and it appears we have about 4,000 deaths right now. It’s expected to rise to 10,000. Let’s put this in perspective. There are over seven billion people on planet earth, right now. That’s 7,000,000,000. For the sake of simplicity let’s round the figures and say that 10,000 people do die from this plaque. That means that one out of every 700,000 people on this planet have died of this disease and only one of these people was in the US.

Compare this to the 1918 flu epidemic, which killed 3-5% of the worlds popluation. It’s likely that the conditions (stress, troup movements, etc.) surrounding World War I contributed to this epidemic. Still, what about the large percentage of the people who survived? Why did some die and some survive? That’s the big question to ask. Likely some people’s immune systems were stronger, which suggests that our primary defense against a plague is to have a healthy immune system. How much does mainstream media talk about that?

We can boost immunity by having a positive attitude and clearing our negative emotional issues. The flower essences are great for this. We also need to get good nutrition, including adequate amounts of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D3, zinc, selenium and vitamin C. NSP has plenty of products that can help that. We also want to make sure we have a healthy gut flora, so probiotics and fermented foods are also important.

Of course, sanitation is very important. Public health officials are taking reasonable precautions to contain the spread of the disease as they should, but we also need to pay attention to personal sanitation. I’m not talking about disinfecting everything, because that actually weakens the immune system. We need some natural exposure to germs to train our innate immune system to protect us. I’m talking about simple things like washing our hands.

We should also know how to take care of sanitation, especially in emergencies when normal ways of dealing with waste break down. What would you do if the water was out for several days and you couldn’t flush the toilet. It can easily happen. How do you deal with it? If you think about things that will be needed in emergency situations and make preparations, you’ll be less stressed about such things.

Again, keep this all in perspective. Everyday, people are eating junk food, smoking, drinking, taking drugs and engaging in other behaviors that are known to shorten their lives. People get into cars and drive, even though the risk of dying in an automobile accident is actually quite high. Life is a risk. None of us are guaranteed we’ll be here tomorrow. So, again, if we’re wise, we adopt behaviors that minimize the risks. If I’m living a healthy life and have positive attitudes, I’m much more likely to survive a plaque than if I’m not doing these things.

Being Prepared

I believe in preparedness. I keep emergency supplies in my home for power outages, natural disasters or other events that could disrupt the flow of normal life. This includes storing first aid supplies. I keep a supply of herbs for treating infections, wounds and other problems that might arise in a crisis along with normal first aid supplies like bandages, disinfectants and so forth. Plus, I have knowledge of local plants which I can collect and harvest in a real emergency. This knowledge and preparations give me a sense of peace when I hear about things like an Ebola outbreak.

I made a 72-hour “bug out” kit for each of my children. I also have one in my car and another in my home. All my emergency kits include a number of NSP products. One is Silver Shield. My kits contain both the liquid and the gel. The gel makes an excellent hand sanitizer and is great for keeping injuries and wounds from getting infected, something that would be very important in an emergency situation. The liquid can be used to purify drinking water and to take for infection.

I can’t tell you if Silver Shield would work against Ebola or not, but I think it probably would. I think you’d want to take it in rather large doses, however. I’d plan on using about 4 oz. a day of the new 20 ppm strength. My bug out kits only contain one bottle, but I keep a larger quantity in my home. I’d suggest having enough to give 4 oz. to every member of your family for at least 10 days. I’d also keep more of the gel.

My kits also contain a bottle of High Potency Garlic. This is a good option for respiratory and digestive tract infections. I’m doubtful how effective this would be on something like ebola, but there are lots of other infections it can help. At home I keep some of this, plus I always try to keep some raw garlic on hand.

My kits also contain Tei Fu, Pepperment oil and Tea Tree oil, which have many uses. Tei Fu can not only help with pain, it can also be used as an insect repellant or treatment for bug bites. Peppermint is great for nausea, indigestion and mental alertness. Tea Tree is a great disinfectant for wounds.

In addition to the above mentioned NSP products, my kits also contain a bottle of iodine tincture (for water purifaction) and Iodoral. These are in case the emergency involves radiation. Iodine would also help the body fight infection. The other items are homeopathic arnica (for injuries) and something for pain. 

Preventing the Spread of Infection

Essential oils have been proven to kill airborne microbes, which could really help prevent the spread of infection in a crisis. The story of the four theives who avoided the plague while robbing the victims reports they used a lot of aromatics. Both Guardian and the new Essential Shield would be good disinfectant blends. Individual oils like Eucalyptus, Pine, Rosemary and Tea Tree could aslo be used.

If there was some kind of plague going around, I’d diffuse these oils into the air in both my home and my office. If the power is on you could use a diffuser, otherwise, there are candle-powered diffusers or you can put some of the oils into boiling water and allow them to diffuse through the steam. You could also make an aerosol. If the power is on, I’d also be running my Boomerang Air and Surface Sanitizer. The technology of this unit is pretty sound and it would be a good way to inhibit the spread of infection. Again, I can’t say for certain that it would inhibit the spread of ebola, because I have no hard data, but I think it’s highly probable that it would.

It may also be wise to keep some medical gloves and masks in your emergency supplies, especially if you want to be able to help others in a crisis. I’d also keep some strong disinfectants on hand. This is one situation where chlorine bleach would actually be something good to have, as would hydrogen peroxide.

I’d also keep my immune system strong by taking extra vitamin C, vitamin A&D and/or D3 and possibly some herbs to boost immunity, either Immune Stimulator or Ultimate Echinacea. I also keep these remedies in my emergency supplies at home. I also keep most of NSP’s liquid extracts in my preparedness supplies. These include ALJ, lobelia, VS-C, Ultimate Echinacea, Goldenseal and Echinacea and more.

I found these nice carrying cases for them, so I can haul them with me to help people in emergencies. Because they are in plastic bottles, I don’t have to worry about bottles getting broken in an emergency situation.

I also keep Distress Remedy in my first aid supplies. This is a vital remedy to have on hand in any crisis sitution. Give it to people who are panicing. It helps them to get centered and could be a life-saver in emergencies. Actually, I have all of the flower remedies I designed for NSP in my kit. It will be just as important to care for people’s mental and emotional state as it will be to care for them physically.

Knowledge is Power

I sincerely believe that knowledge is power. Knowledge, like preparedness, reduces fear and worry and increases self-confidence and faith.

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