Natural Remedy :Tea Tree Oil For Skin Infections

Tea Tree OilTea tree oil, a native of Australia is popular for its medicinal properties worldwide. Extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, tea tree oil is a regular ingredient of many skin care products like skin washes and cosmetics. The oil is generally clear to pale golden in color and carries a fresh, camphor-like smell. It has an assembly of 98 compounds making it an excellent candidate for treating several skin problems with much ease. It can prove to be fatal when taken through the mouth.

Historically the leaves were used to prepare tea that is how it got its name, tea tree oil. The oil contains terpenoids. The constituent has been proved possessing antiseptic and anti-fungal activity. What makes it so useful is its ability to penetrate through the various layers of skin, thus treating from within. Thus treats abscesses, sore muscles, bite wounds and arthritic conditions properly.

Properties of tea tree oil:

The amazing natural oil has the following properties to its credit.

  • The topmost is antibacterial. Tea tree oil is effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is the strongest of all the natural known antiseptics.
  • The mild natural oil does not affect most skin types, a non-caustic.
  • The oil dissolves easily and can be used in household cleansers and soaps.
  • The natural oil also acts as a repellant – insects, mosquitoes and fleas.

Skin infections have been annoying mankind since the start of civilization. Tea tree oil is nothing short of wonder oil for them. The myriad of uses on the skin make it an awesome product. No wonder, it has a long history of traditional use.

What exactly does this oil do? Take a gander at the various uses of the oil for our skin….

Tea tree oil offers its amazing benefits to cure and heal acne, Athlete’s foot, boils, lice, herpes dandruff, eczema, fungal infections of the toenails, lice, periodontal disease, psoriasis, thrush, vaginal yeast infection. It is often recommended that a diluted solution at the prescribed amount should be used; otherwise it may lead to adverse effects.

  • It helps in providing relief from sunburns and heals it completely
  • It acts as an antiseptic on small cuts. Aborigines in Australia were the first ones to use this wonder oil on cuts and wounds and benefited from them immensely.
  • Corns and calluses: Corn sores are an annoyance to the sufferer. Rubbing tea tree oil on the affected area with the oil twice daily is useful. When they turn soft, tweezers can be used to remove them.
  • Carbuncles: application of a drop or two of oil is helpful in healing carbuncles. Spread with a cotton twice a day.
  • It cures bad breath. Just remember not to swallow it.
  • Tea tree oil can be applied as lip balm to help in chapped lips.
  • Cold sores can be treated with the oil if applied 2-3 times a day
  • Perfect therapy for chicken pox. Smear the blisters with the oil. Once it dries, sprinkle some corn starch after every few hours till the blisters fade off.
  • Dandruff can be dealt effectively by pouring some drops of oil into the shampoo one uses followed by a few drops on the scalp and a gentle massage after washing.
  • Chigger bites can be controlled with a drop of the wonder oil on the bites
  • Blisters find healthy caring in tea tree oil.
  • Tea tree oil provides relief from itchiness and reduces rashes.
  • Boils can be quite painful. A washcloth wrap followed by a drop or two on the area helps the bacteria rise up to the skin surface and finally discharges. Only the best bacterial soap in the market should be used till the boils subside.
  • The oil relieves bruises. A trainer should use gym soap as bruises may pave way to a more serious infection if not taken care of in the initial stage.
  • Burnt your skin. Don’t worry. Run water over the surface and then apply tea tree oil and honey over the area. This is a perfect remedy for skin burns.
  • Applying a mixture of tea tree oil and grape seed oil in the ratio 10:1 at least two times a day aids in curing dermatitis.
  • It is a great remedy for dry skin as well when used along with almond oil.
  • As said earlier tea tree oil on eczema prone skin can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, combining it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or grape seed oil is highly beneficial.
  • Flea bites too can be treated with the natural oil.
  • It makes for an excellent remedy for gum diseases. Use it as a mouth wash by taking a drop of tea tree oil and peppermint oil.
  • Do you know earache can be treated with the oil? A blend of warm olive oil and tea tree oil helps in getting rid of the pain. Pour a drop into the aching ear and tilt it to a side till absorbed.
  • Ingrown hair problem can be eased by using the oil. All one needs to do is to apply it after every 2 hours till you get the relief.
  • Inflammation can be treated with tea tree oil by applying it directly or inhaling the oil.
  • Cures ringworm: the biggest beneficiaries are the people suffering from fungal infections. The long list of infections includes ringworm, Athletes foot, toenail fungus, candidiasis and more. In addition to the oil, people suffering from fungal infections should use best anti fungal bath soap one that contains tea tree oil to control the infection.

While on one hand the oil may sting you a bit when working against the foreign invaders, it is extremely calming when applied on dermatitis, rashes, bite and dermatitis. It puts a full stop on itching, stinging and pain. Truly amazing isn’t it?

Warning: Sensitive skin may not respond well to the tea tree oil and people holding one should stay away from it. If at all they must use, it is important that the oil is diluted first and then applied carefully on the affected area.

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