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The symptoms and dangers of an H. pylori infection

hp2001_demoHelicobacter pylori is an opportunistic bacterium that can infect and spread rapidly in individuals with a compromised immune system. While this bacterium is natural and beneficial to our bodies in small amounts, it can be extremely dangerous when allowed to propogate without control. This infection is the leading cause of stomach ulcers,

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5 powerful antibiotics that don’t require a prescription

GarlicHospital antibiotics have become one of the most over prescribed “medicines” today. As a result people have ruined their digestive systems, and ironically, have lowered their natural immunity to all types of infections in the future. Get rid if infections without the digestive destruction, with these five powerful natural antibiotics.

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Maca root can increase libido and help treat sexual dysfunction

MacaFew foods can beat maca root when it comes to improving stamina and physical performance. In fact, this nutritious tuber, which is native to the Andes of South America, was the Incas’ primary source of energy, and it remains a popular natural alternative to anabolic steroids among many of today’s athletes.

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Activated charcoal for digestive and oral hygiene

Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal is not new to the world of healing therapies, yet it appears to have resurfaced in a big way and with good reason. Ancient civilizations had knowledge of how things in nature could be suitably transformed to aid bodily healing. Activated charcoal is a case in point.

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Healing Benefits of Garlic

GarlicGarlic is not a particularly sexy food and doesn’t get a lot of love due to the fact that it often makes breath and body odour very offensive. However, it would be a serious mistake to not include garlic into your diet due to it’s strong antibacterial,

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Top five herbs to fight cancer

Una de Gato (Cat's Claw)Many people are increasingly turning to alternatives to traditional treatments for cancer. One reason that people often cite for exploring these alternatives is that the treatments for cancer so often come with their own set of side effects that can be quite devastating. While even common herbs that are often seen in one aspect or another in daily life can cause side effects or interactions with medications,

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Seven health benefits of ginseng

Korean Ginseng It’s simply amazing how natural herbs and foods can have multiple, wonderful health benefits! Take for instance ginseng (usually Korean/Asian Red GinsengPanax ginseng), it lives up to its cure-all description (Panax means “all-curing/healing” in Greek)! Add another health benefit to the list!

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Does vitamin D make you smarter?

Vitamin D3Vitamin D supplementation — or just getting more time in the sun — may help stave off cognitive decline in older adults, according to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

The study was conducted by researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center,

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9 Reasons you should be Eating Turmeric Daily

Turmeric – sometimes referred to as “Indian saffron” because of its bright orange/yellow color, has a range of amazing health benefits. As far as spices go, it should be considered a super-spice. Not only is it an essential ingredient of any good Indian curry,

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Five health benefits of beetroot

Red Beet Root Formula (Fasting Plus)Beetroot, also often known as the beet, is a root vegetable that has been consumed since ancient times. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks thought beetroot had vitamins and minerals. In fact, today’s studies prove that not only are they loaded with beneficial nutrients,

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Science proves that low vitamin D leads to bone fractures

Vitamin DA new study out of Scandinavia has affirmed the importance of maintaining high vitamin D levels for healthy bones. Researchers from Sweden, after observing more than 1,000 elderly women over a 10-year evaluation period, learned that those who maintained consistent blood levels of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) above 50 nanomoles per liter (nmol/l) had nearly half the risk of suffering a bone fracture or osteoporosis compared to those with less than 50 nmol/l of 25OHD.

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Vitamin E: a skin-boosting antioxidant that plays many roles in the body

Vitamin E“Vitamin E” is an umbrella term for a group of eight fat-soluble compounds that are found in a wide variety of whole foods. These compounds, of which alpha-Tocopherol is the most biologically active, have a large number of functions in the body.

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