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Super AlgaeIf you’ve ever looked at algae growing in a pond, it doesn’t look all that appetizing, but algae is actually a very nutritious food. The Aztecs gathered algae from the great lakes of Central Mexico, dried it and made cakes from it.  The Kanembu’s, a group from Africa, used algae from the lake Johann as a spicy soup or bread.  In times of drought, people have always turned to alga as a food source.  

Today, clean forms of algae are grown as nutritional supplements, providing one of the best sources of protein (amino acids) in the plant kingdom.  Algae is also rich in vitamins and minerals. No wonder science fiction writers often depict algae as a basic source of food in their futuristic worlds. 

Super Algae is a blend of three different forms of algae that are widely recognized for their nutritional value.  Super Algae is a great source of amino acids for brain and muscle, enhances the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar levels and is an excellent food for nourishing weak and sickly people. It has been used for hypoglycemia, ADD and ADHD, improving memory and concentration and providing energy.  It may also help promote the detoxification of heavy metals.

Here is more detailed information about each of the three algae species in Super Algae.

Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) is a microalgae considered a whole, highly nutritious and easily assimilated food.   It is a rich source of protein, highest per gram than most foods. It also contains chlorophyll, carotenoids, minerals and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).  The algae gets it’s bluish-tinged color from a group of pigments called phycobilins. Phycobilins are similar in structure to bile pigments such as bilirubin.

Studies continue to show what many traditions have benefited from and that is that Spirulina has antiviral, antioxidant, hypocholesterolemic, hepatoprotective, anti-allergic and immune-modulatory activities.

Research has shown that a unique polysaccharide, only found in Spirulina, enhances cell nucleus enzyme activity and DNA repair synthesis. Polysaccharides have been shown to improve digestion, increase energy, and helps promote the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

Spirulina accelerates production of the immune system cells (bone marrow stem cells, antibodies, cytokines macrophages, T-cells and Natural Killer cells), increasing their numbers in organs like the liver, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, adenoids, tonsils and bone marrow improving the body’s ability to function properly in spite of stresses from environmental toxin or infectious agents.

Chlorella (Chlorella regularis) is a freshwater green algae noted for its chlorophyll content and as a rich source of vitamins A, E, B2 and B12.  Chlorophyll has a stimulating action on the bone marrow, which produces hemoglobin.  It enables the body to digest and utilize food, bowel movements become regular, nursing mothers have more milk, and healthy tissue growth is stimulated. Chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus and the lungs.

It also stimulates the immune system and has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, tumors and cancer.   It has a long history of relieving chronic sinus conditions and common head colds and for cleansing open wounds and deep-lying infections.  In 1994, The American Association for Cancer Research found that chlorophyll has the capability to ward off cancer-causing agents within the body and reduce the incidence of cancerous growths, with no irritating or toxic effects.

Blue Green Algae.  Klamath Lake in Oregon is a pristine source of Klamath Lake blue-green algae. Klamath Lake blue-green contains chlorophyll, protein and amino acids, neuropeptides and fatty-acids. B vitamins and beta-carotene. It is one of the highest vegetable sources of B12.  This commonly consumed food has antiviral properties and can help detoxify the body and improve skin condition. 

It benefits digestion, helps eliminate food cravings and maintains regular bowel function. It has been found to lower blood cholesterol and reduces blood clotting.  It can help support better sleep in the evening and provide more energy during the day as well as having a beneficial effect on mental awareness and stress

Suggested Use

Take 2-4 Super Algae capsules with a meal three times daily.

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