Stress-JStress-J is one of the J-series formulas from the talented herbalist Jeannie Burgess, who also formulated the popular AL-J and LIV-J. She created Stress-J for colon spasms, spastic colitis, nervous headaches, nervous indigestion and as a general calmer and relaxant. In addition to easing tension and stress, Stress-J also has anti-inflammatory action.

Stress-J works well with another of her combinations, Intestinal Soothe and Build. The combination of these two formulas can be used for colitis, irritable bowel and Chron’s disease. Together they reduce inflammation, soothe irritated membranes and calm the nerves. 

Here’s a more detailed look at this herbal blend.


This gentle nervine herb has a settling effect on both the nervous system and the digestive tract. Possessing both bitter and aromatic properties, it stimulates the flow of digestive secretions, expels gas from the colon and settles the stomach. Chamomile contains a blue essential oil that has strong anti-inflammatory properties. 

As a nervine, chamomile is good at easing restlessness, fussiness, hyperactivity, nervousness and insomnia. It has a calming, centering effect. Chamomile is an excellent remedy for infants and children, easing upset tummies, colic and teething. It has been used historically to aid in withdrawal from tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. It has also been used for anxiety, tension, colitis, migraine headaches, hysteria, cramps and spasms.

Passion flower 

This valuable nervine, antispasmodic and relaxant is primarily used for its tranquilizing and sedative effects. It has been widely used as an aid to promoting sleep. Like chamomile, it has been used to treat a wide variety of nervous disorders including: Parkinson’s disease, seizures, epilepsy, hysteria, neuralgia and shingles.


Primarily used as a digestive remedy, fennel reduces intestinal gas, settles the stomach and improves digestion. It is a very safe herb for children and is used to encourage breast milk in nursing mothers. It is also diuretic and anti-inflammatory.


As its name suggests, feverfew helps to reduce “heat” in the body from fever and inflammation. Its primary “claim to fame” in the modern herbal world is as a remedy for migraine headaches. Studies have suggested that taking feverfew regularly reduces the severity and frequency of migraines. It has also been used as an arthritis remedy and for other types of headaches. Feverfew may also help other problems such as nervous indigestion, high blood pressure and menstrual cramps. Feverfew looks a lot like chamomile, belongs to the same family and has some of the same anti-inflammatory and nervine properties.


The hops plant is most famous as an ingredient in beer. It is a sedative herb that helps the body relax and treats nervous system disorders like insomnia, tension, anxiety and restlessness. It has also been used for headaches and indigestion associated with nervous stress. Hops is estrogenic and reduces sex drive in men, while increasing it in women, although the small amount in this formula is not likely to have much of an estrogenic effect.


A soothing, mucilaginous herb, marshmallow is very nourishing and healing to the membranes of the body. It soothes inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract, respiratory passages and urinary tract. It absorbs irritating substances and is a good source of nutrients like iron and calcium.

Suggested Use 

Stress-J would be a good herbal combination for anyone suffering from indigestion, headaches, cramps or bowel problems due to nervous stress. It is a very useful formula for relaxing spasms anywhere in the body, but especially in the colon. It combines well with Intestinal Soothe and Build for digestive disorders. Take 2-4 capsules every four hours.

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