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About Nature’s Sunshine Products

Nature's SunshineNature’s Sunshine was founded in 1972 by Gene and Kristine Hughes. They revolutionized encapsulating bulk herbs. NSP has set the standard for quality control in an industry where no standards were required. This Company of 30 years maintains a state of the art laboratory and employs Ivy League Scientists to assure the highest quality product available to the consumer. In addition, NSP owns controlling interest, which is 68% of the largest import-export company for raw botanical products. This allows for first selection of the highest quality herbs. Herbs at Nature’s Sunshine must meet rigid quality standards and pass the following tests:


  1. Purity (parts per trillion)
  2. Nutrient levels
  3. Herb Identification – most important when you think of the millions of varieties of herbs.

All Raw Materials Not Passing The Above Tests are Shipped Back to the Supplier and then Sold to Nature’s Sunshine Competitors!!!


Why Nature’s Sunshine Herbs are the Best!


* NSP is one of the largest buyers of herbs in the world.

* NSP suppliers have learned to provide the Company with only the best quality herbs.

* Quality Control tests each batch of product before, during and after the manufacturing process to ensure consistent, high potency formula’s.

* Immediately upon arriving at NSP’s loading dock, each shipment is labeled with a hold sticker to prevent its use until it passes inspection. A sample of each shipment is then put through a series of lab tests to ensure that the herb meets quality standards.

* Equally important, the herb must be what is claims to be – not ginseng branches in place of ginseng root, for example.

* Tablets are tested for disintegration and dissolution under conditions similar to the human digestive system to ensure they can be assimilated easily by the body.

* Batch samples are retained by the Company for a seven year period.

* If NSP can not get the herb they need for a particular combination, they wait for it, they do not use poorer grades of the same herb in its place.

* Many professionals in the health field (Naturopaths, Herbalists, Chiropractors, Iridologists, Doctors) use ONLY NATURE’S SUNSHINE HERBS. many people swear that they recovered from illness, lost weight, calmed down, etc. while taking NSP herbs in comparison to negative or no results using other products.

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