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pain_injuryAll of us experience pain from time to time, but when pain becomes chronic, it can be crippling.  Many people turn to NSAIDs for the relief of pain, but these drugs are toxic when used long term and have damaging effects on the liver and kidneys.  Fortunately, nature has pain relievers that can ease the ache without the toxicity and are well-tolerated for long term use. 

Pain is feared, hated and despised, but it also serves a vital purpose in our lives. Pain accompanies our physical and emotional afflictions because without it we wouldn’t seek help when we are ill, and we wouldn’t be motivated to avoid doing things that damage our bodies.

No matter how much we dislike it, pain is not our enemy. Pain is a form of communication that we should listen to. It is the body’s way of telling us that it’s having a problem. Think of pain as the 911 system our cells use to call for help. Pain is the also the teacher that motivates us, if we let it, to take better care of our bodies.

There are times, of course, when pain needs to be relieved as much as possible. When a person is undergoing surgery or a dental procedure, or suffering from a serious accident or illness, modern pain-relieving drugs can be indispensable.

Unfortunately, pain-relieving medications also allow people to disconnect from the responsibility of maintaining their health. For example, instead of asking “why” they are getting headaches, upset stomachs, muscle aches or other pain, they simply pop a pain killer. Thus, they fail to make the connection between their pain and their diet, lifestyle and stress. Unaware of that connection, they don’t make the changes necessary to get healthy.

What is Your Pain Telling You?

Once we recognize that pain is an important indicator of stress, breakdown in the body or mistreatment of the body, we need to discern what our pain is telling us. Take headaches for example. Headaches have causes, such as dehydration, blood toxicity due to constipation, nervous tension and excess acidity in the body. If the cause is dehydration, drinking more water can quickly relieve a headache. If the cause is constipation, a fiber laxative can solve the problem—and so on.

But, if you simply take a pain killer for your headache and do nothing to correct the cause, you’ll have another headache tomorrow. Conversely, if we start listening to our pain we can learn to stop having headaches altogether.  Generally speaking, most people continue to get headaches because they maintain the same bad health habits.

Over time, bad health habits can cause cumulative damage to the body. After twenty years of failing to heed small warning signs, for example, a person may get a bigger wake-up call in the form of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes or some other serious illness. This is why it is important to listen to your pain.

Most pain killers are actually toxic to the body. Sure, they’re okay for occasional relief of pain, but regular use can damage your liver, kidneys, nerves and other organs.  They can even increase the risk of heart disease and other serious health problems. 

The good news is that nature has provided us with many effective remedies for pain. Some of nature’s remedies are more powerful than others, but even the mild ones can “take the edge off” your pain. More importantly, they can be taken on a regular basis without the serious side effects of pain killing drugs. Some of them can even promote healing which, over time, can eliminate the problem permanently. Here is a list of some effective natural pain-relievers and a brief description of their uses.  You can get a more lengthy description of the formula by clicking on the title. 

Relief Formula

This is a general analgesic (pain-relieving) formula with a wide range of pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing activity. It is a great alternative to NSAIDs in arthritis and other types of chronic pain. It has a cooling anti-inflammatory effect as well as an analgesic effect. 

IF Relief

Although this formula is primarily targeted at inflammation, it is also a very good pain reliever.  It works well on inflammation-related pain from injuries and surgery.  It not only eases pain, it also speeds healing. I used it to successfully ease the pain of a tooth extraction and also used it to wean off of pain medications following gall bladder surgery. I found it very effective at easing the pain without the side effects of the drugs.

APS II with White Willow Bark

This formula has been called Herbal Aspirin.  It’s a natural aspirin substitute that has been used to ease headaches and other forms of minor pain.  The principle ingredient in this blend, white willow, contains salycilates, the natural compounds from which aspirin was derived. APS II can take the edge of headaches, reduce the pain of arthritis and ease the same kinds of pain aspirin is used for.  It does not have the side effects of aspirin, but is also milder in action. 

Nerve Eight

Nerve Eight is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic blend. This is an excellent blend for chronic muscle and joint pain, tension headaches and other forms of pain due to chronic inflammation. It contains two herbs with natural aspirin (salycilates), white willow and black cohosh.  It contains valerian and hops, two very relaxing herbs and wood betony and Devil’s claw, two more very effective anti-inflammatory remedies.  Capsicum and ginger help stimulate circulation.  

Try these remedies as alternatives to pain-relieving drugs. You may be pleasantly surprized at how effective nature can be in easing your pain.

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