The Green “Blood” of the Plants

by Steven Horne, RH(AHG)

clover-leafNext Monday is St. Patrick’s day, a time for celebrating all things green. This is also the time of the year when green starts to reappear in nature after the cold whites and dreary browns and grays of winter. 

What makes plants green is chlorophyll. An amazing molecule that has been called the green “blood” of the plants. Chlorophyll is a miraculous substance that makes life possible on earth. Without it, plants couldn’t capture the energy of sunlight to create the carbohydrates that nearly all plants and animals require as a basic energy source.

Chlorophyll also has some great health benefits, too.  So, to celebrate the green we’re featuring four green products from Nature’s Sunshine. The first article covers NSP’s three Chlorophyll products—Chlorophyll Capsules, Liquid Chlorophyll and NSP’s new liquid Chlorophyll ES. Liquid Chlorophyll products are very popular supplements in the NSP community, but unfortunately, most people outside of the NSP community aren’t familiar with its benefits. 

So, in this article, I’ve shared some of the scientifically documented uses for chlorophyll, as well as some of the folklore uses. I’ve also discussed some of the popular misconceptions about chlorophyll that some people have in this article (such as liquid chlorophyll is a good source of magnesium or trace minerals). 

I’ve featured articles on two of our green herbs, alfalfa and barley grass.  Our fourth and final article is on the green superfood formula Ultimate GreenZone. Of course, the best way to get chlorophyll is part of these green herbs and foods because you also get all the other nutrients associated with it.

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