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The health benefits in consuming a raw food diet could be endless because we are still learning about and discovering new vitamins , enzymes ,amino acids and chemical compounds, and what these substances do for the body.

Why do we need raw food? What is in raw food? In one word, enzymes. So what are enzymes are why are they important? Enzymes are various organic substances that are produced in plant and animal cells which cause or speed changes in other substances by catalytic action. Enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction in the body. Our organs, tissues, and cells are all run by enzymes. Vitamins, minerals, and hormones need enzymes to be present so they can do their work properly. An enzyme is considered a protein molecule and each enzyme acts in certain ways in the body to carry out specific functions like, digesting food, building protein, aiding detoxification. When we cook food at high temperatures, the enzymes in the food are destroyed, it has lost its life force. Cooked food is to the body kind of like a battery that has lost its power, the physical structure remains but the electrical energy or life force energy which once flourished is no longer present.

What are some of the things enzymes do in the body? Enzymes digest all of our food and make it small enough to pass through the intestines into the blood. They carry out many body functions including, storing sugar in the liver and muscles, turning fat into fatty tissue, aid in the formation of urea, attack waste material and poisons in the blood and tissues. There is an enzyme that builds phosphorus into bone and nerve tissue and another to help attach iron to red blood cells. The many numbers of enzymes in the body is quite amazing and their functions can be overwhelming in a sense, yet each one has a specific function. Enzymes act upon substances and change them into another substance, either chemical, or a type of by-product, but remain unchanged themselves. Enzymes are proteins, enzymes consist of long chains of amino acids held together by peptide bonds. They are present in all living cells, where they perform a vital function by controlling the metabolic processes whereby nutrients are converted into energy and fresh cell material.

We shouldn’t think of enzymes as only digesting food. Enzymes are important to our immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and our ability to see, think, and breathe, as well. It is widely believed that lack of enzymes can be a contributing cause of disease.


Ever since the Bubonic Plague in 1350 which killed over 50% of the people in Europe (over 25 million), scientists and doctors have wondered why some people survived and others died.

Finally, thanks to the advance of technology, scientists have concluded that most people succumb to disease and illness due to weakened immune systems.

What weakens the immune system? Stress, poor nutrition, drugs (prescription or illegal), chemical pollution, but most of all lack of enzymes!

We Would Die Without Enzymes!

What are enzymes and why are they so important?

If you removed enzymes from the body, it would stop working and die! Enzymes are responsible for the functions of every organ. The body is a big efficient chemical factory and enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction.

Every gene’s program is associated with the actions of enzymes. Even vitamins and nutrients can’t be used effectively without enzymes.

The immune system’s function is to fight off all foreign invaders in the body such as bacteria, viruses, carcinogens and other chemicals. It relies almost totally on enzymes to do its job. A weakened immune system has a diminished volume of enzymes which includes those that are defective or worn out. Enzymes have a limited life and must be replaced regularly.

Where do we get enzymes? Nine basic enzymes come from food, and the body takes these and changes them into over 3,000 varieties for various purposes.

Cooking And Freezing Food Kills Enzymes!

Unfortunately, if you cook food at temperatures exceeding 118 degrees Fahrenheit, all the enzymes are destroyed.As it is in the body as well, our body tempurature gets too high, thus destroying enzymes, and you die.. So you must obtain enzymes from raw foods or special enzyme supplements. The majority of all food is processed, so people get very few enzymes in their diets.

Aging Reduces Enzyme Production!

Tests have shown that 70 year old people have about half the enzymes of 20 year olds. Once illness or infection have invaded, the older body works overtime struggling to produce enzymes the immune system needs to overcome the problem. Often it cannot produce enough and chronic disease sets in, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc. Over 200 other diseases result from worn out or defective gene controlled enzymes such as: high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, circulatory problems, diabetes, tuberculosis, psoriasis, dermatitis, prostatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, pruritis, cholecystitis, rheumatism, edema, varicose veins, sores, pancreatitis, etc.

No Side Effects!

Over 15,000 people in Europe and Japan have been given enzyme supplementation or therapy with enormous success, all with no important side effects! The reason there are no side effects is because enzymes are food forms, not drugs. Much of the serious scientific interest began with Dr. Ernst Freund noticed that most cancer patients get thrombolysis (blood clots that cause heart attacks), and most thrombolysis patients get cancer. He suspected that the common connection might be enzymes. On testing their blood, he found both patient groups to be lacking in three important enzymes. Recently researchers found that two of those enzymes destroy blood clots and the other creates macrophages which break down fibrin. Cancer cells hide under a coating of fibrin. Once the cover is removed, our bodies’ killer cells destroy the cancer cells.

Everyone Has Cancer Cells — Normally!

Normally, in our bodies there are 100 to 10,000 cancer cells floating around at all times, according to medical school professor and well-known immunologist, Dr. Michael Williams. But if your immune system weakens sufficiently, the cancer cells attach themselves to an organ, build a covering of fibrin so antibodies can’t find them — and you are in trouble!

The good news is that Dr. A.E. Leskovar reported that supplementation with enzymes increases the macrophages by 700% and killer cells by 1,300% in a short time. That’s why people with healthy immune systems don’t get cancer.

European doctors have had significant success in stopping early onset cancer by oral supplementation of enzymes and by injecting enzymes directly into the tumor.

Works Better Than Chemotherapy!

Dr. Chin Po Kim, a highly respected scientist and internationally recognized immunologist, cited a remarkable 23% overall mortality rate in cancer patients who took oral enzymes. This is about the same rate achieved by chemotherapy and radiation treatments — but with none of the side effects.

Also, several studies conducted by European scientists show that oral enzymes taken with chemotherapy and radiation improves the response rate and reduces the side effects significantly.

In published reports in several medical journals, 141 physicians participated in multicenter controlled studies treating 1,004 patients with enzyme mixtures. Depending on the type, 76% – 96% were classified as improved. The enzymes reduced stiffness, joint swelling, improved ability to bend and slowed down or completely halted deterioration of the joints.

Circulatory And Heart Disorders!

Vascular and circulatory disorders also respond well to enzyme supplementation. This includes arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, coronary heart disease, phlebitis, and other circulatory problems that affect the brain, lung, kidneys and liver.

Former Fordham University Professor of Medicine, Dr. Max Wolf reported that tests of 347 patients with circulatory disorders showed 87% completely free or almost free of symptoms after taking enzymes. Dr. H. Dench, Austrian Professor of Medicine, conducted similar tests of patients who had problems with blood clots. 93% of the patients significantly improved after enzyme treatments.

More Reasons For Enzyme Supplementation

A German scientist, Dr. Karl Maeder reported that a multicenter study of 216 patients suffering from various vein disorders were given oral enzymes. Their typical problems were edema and serious varicose veins. 94% either completely recovered or had significant improvement.

Better Than Drugs For Shingles!

In 1964, Dr. Robert Dorrer of the Prien Hospital tested 24 patients suffering from shingles with oral enzymes. Within three days the pain ceased and the blisters started healing. A German medical journal reported his impressive success.

Dr. Wilhelm Bartsch, the director of a cancer clinic in Germany took particular notice of his article. The reason was that very often cancer patients develop shingles. He began a double-blind study using enzymes and the then-current drug prescribed for shingles. Half way through the study, he abandoned the drug for ethical reasons because all those taking the enzymes were significantly improved in a short time.

Just recently, Dr. Michael Klein did a double-blind study with oral enzymes and the now-current drug for shingles: acylovir. He concluded that both were equally effective — but the enzymes prevented the reoccurrence of neuralgia, had no side effects and cost much less!

Olympic Athletes Use Enzymes!

Injury is a common problem with all those that are athletic — especially professionals and Olympians. Sports medicine doctors know they can’t prevent injuries, so they look for methods to heal players as quickly as possible.

Karate fighters experience considerable injuries so doctors chose them as a test group for a double blind study using oral enzymes and placebos. Those taking enzymes 3 times a day in advance of the events healed 50% quicker.

The German Olympic team doctors conducted similar tests with all types of athletes. The results were comparable for 82% of the players, and soreness from strenuous events was considerably less.

Heal Faster From Injury Or Surgery!

Professor Raas of the University of Innsbruck, who is responsible for the health of Austrian athletes in the Winter Olympic games, also confirmed those findings. He stated that, “A good portion of the success achieved by the athletes under his care would not have been possible without enzymes.”

He advises even casual athletes to take enzymes daily to lessen the effects of potential injury. Another benefit of enzymes is that they regulate your metabolism. The fewer enzymes in your body the lower your energy level. Those with chronic fatigue can improve with enzymes. Doctors elsewhere have found that oral enzymes taken prior to surgery accelerates healing, allowing patients to leave the hospital quicker and resume normal routines sooner.

Weight Loss And A Cause Of Obesity!

Lipase is an enzyme that aids the body in breaking down fats and removing fats from storage. Without this enzyme, fat stagnates and accumulates not only in the obvious places, but in the arteries. The fats in the arteries contribute to cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

Dr. David Galton at the School of Medicine of Tufts University tested people weighing an average of 230 pounds. He found that every one of them was lacking enzymes in their fatty tissue.

Veterinarians conducted an experiment with hogs. One group of hogs was fed only raw potatoes, the other cooked. The group eating raw lost weight; the group eating cooked gained weight. This clearly shows the effect of enzymes on weight because even though potatoes are high in enzyme content, cooking destroys the enzymes.

Enzymes have so many functions that it takes an encyclopedia size volume of books to cover all that is known today.

As we have shown, enzymes really are essential to life. As you age, the reduced ability of your body to produce the required amounts of enzymes from their limited sources in foods makes you more vulnerable to illness and disease.

Now You Can Fight Off The Worst Diseases

Many scientists have proven that oral supplementation of enzymes builds up the immune system to fight off the worst diseasesas well as improve the function of the entire body.

Enzymes are the catalysts which make possible biochemical reactions. Consider that bichemistry takes place at about 37 degrees C in water and contrast that to typical reaction conditions in organic chemistry. For example, to hydrolyze (saponify) fats we boil them with concentrated sodium hydroxide solution for a few hours. Enzymes called lipases do the same thing at body temperature in minutes. Without enzymes, our body chemistry would not occur, and life would not exist. 


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