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PH-ScaleBy now, everyone knows just how important diet is to health. The foods that are eaten, as well as the quantities, often have a profound effect on the condition of the body. Of course, staying away from excess fat, sugar and additives is one component of eating well.

High acid foods unbalance body

Eating foods that are high in alkaline helps to keep the elements of the body in balance. In general, people consume too much protein in their diets, to the point that it displaces other nutrients. Many of the most popular ways of getting protein, and, not coincidentally some of the most favored foods, are animal products. Meats, dairy products as well as grain products are ones that often produce acids. These acids can throw the body’s PH levels off.

Effects of a diet high in acid

Some research has shown that a diet that high in acid could lead to the formulation of painful kidney stones. In addition, too much acid in the diet, which is also found in processed foods, such as packaged snacks and other convenience foods, can lower the energy levels. This is likely due to the efforts the body must go through in order to digest these acidic foods. Eating large quantities of these types of foods has also been linked to a lowered immune system.

High alkaline foods

While it is best to limit the amounts of acidic foods that are eaten, alkaline foods can be eaten in larger quantities. These foods include tofu, and other soybean products, some nuts and seeds, and most fruits and vegetables, so eating large quantities is encouraged. Not only do these foods help to balance out the effects of the acidic foods that are consumed, they also offer a host of benefits, as well.

Benefits of a diet high in alkaline foods

In addition to higher energy levels, and a boost in the immune system, people who eat a diet that is high in alkaline foods can also look forward to other benefits. Pain and inflammation can be reduced when the acidic foods are not utilizing those minerals that help the body cope with these issues. Magnesium, for example, is used by the body to neutralize the effects of the acid. Engaging this mineral, though, means that it is unable to be used by the body to reduce the pain and inflammation felt in the joints.

Age gracefully with an alkaline food diet

Due to the inefficient functioning of cells when they are exposed to alkaline foods, it can be more difficult for cells to repair themselves. This can lead to premature aging. Eating alkaline foods can provide more oxygen and help the body rid itself of toxins more easily, leading to healthier cells and a more youthful look.

As with any change in eating patterns, it is best to add new foods slowly. This gives the body a chance to adjust gradually.

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