Elderberry D3fense

Powerful antiviral and immune boosting remedy

Elderberry D3fenseThis formula helps support the body in fighting off colds, flu and other forms of contagious disease, particularly those with a viral base. It boosts the immune system, improves lymphatic drainage and prevents the spread of infection. It’s a great product for both children and adults to take during the cold and flu season to stay healthy.

If you do catch a cold or flu, Elderberry D3fense can be taken to speed recovery.  It can also be used for fevers, sore throats and bacterial infections.  Here are the ingredients that give this blend its immune-boosting abilities.


Elderberry D3fense contains an extract from the purple-black berries that grow on the tall elder shrub. These berries have long been used to fight the common cold. The people of England historically took a teaspoon a day of rich elderberry syrup to prevent winter ailments. Elderberries are high in vitamins A and C, and studies show that both these vitamins strengthen the immune system. Elderberries are also high in iron. Fighter cells use iron to produce enzymes and oxidants that digest cold-causing bacteria.

Elderberry stimulates the body to eliminate toxins. In this way, elderberries prevent weakening of the immune and respiratory systems by preventing conditions of stagnation in which bacteria thrive. Elderberries increase perspiration, allowing toxins to be expelled through the skin. These berries also act as a mild laxative and diuretic, clearing any stagnant conditions of the colon or kidneys. Elderberries help to move excess mucus from the lungs and sinuses, keeping the passages clear and strong.


Through scientific research and clinical studies, Echinacea has come to be regarded as one of the most promising immunity boosters in existence. It is able to stimulate the immune system because the polysaccharides in the herb resemble bacteria. The immune system responds as if it is being invaded by something dangerous and begins to prepare for an attack. Consequently, the immune system is put on “red alert” and is better prepared to fight off the real invaders.

If taken when the first symptoms of a cold or flu appear, Echinacea may help to stop them from progressing further. Even more importantly, echinacea builds up weakened immune systems that have been depleted by stress. Besides boosting immunity, Echinacea also contains a natural antibiotic called echinacoside. As a result, this popular herb fights and prevents infections in a way comparable to that of penicillin. Researchers at the University of Munich discovered that Echinacea increases the infection fighting T-cells in the body by over 30% compared to other immune-stimulating substances.

Royal Jelly

For the first two days of their lives, all bee larvae are fed a special “milk” by “nurser” bees. This milk, which we call royal jelly, is made when the bees chew pollen (without swallowing it) and mix it with a chemical secreted from glands located on top of their heads. In only two days, this potent protein food changes a larva into a small bee. When this occurs, the young bee is taken off the nutritious royal jelly. The bee that is chosen to be the next queen, however, remains on the royal jelly diet for the rest of her life. This diet is believed to be the reason why the queen enjoys incredible growth, longevity, fertility and energy in comparison with the worker bees.

Scientific research and numerous practitioner case studies are proving that royal jelly is just as beneficial to humans as it is to the queen bee. Royal jelly contains all eight essential amino acids. It is high in B vitamins and contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, sulfur and copper. Because it is so rich in nutrients, it strengthens the body against stress and other outside antagonists. In addition, its antibiotic properties help protect against ailments such as the cold or flu.

Olive Leaf

The leaf of the olive has numerous antioxidant ingredients known to be antibacterial (notably Staphylococcus and Bacillus cereus), antiviral and antifungal. The leaf also reduces blood pressure by inducing vasodilation as well as stimulating the smooth muscle of the intestines, aiding in the elimination of waste products produced by the immune system.

White Willow Bark extract (Salix spp.)

The bark of the white willow can be thought of as Nature’s aspirin because the salicylic acid found in white willow is the forerunner of modern aspirin.  The salicylic acid in white willow acts on prostaglandins to reduce fever and inflammation and to ease pain with less risk of side effects.  White willow bark has been used for thousands of years to reduce fevers, ease arthritic pain, relieve headaches and alleviate other forms of pain.  

Vitamin D3

During the warm summer days when people are outdoors, their skin converts cholesterol to Vitamin D3. However, during winter months or in the absence of sunlight exposure people don’t get enough vitamin D, which is primarily why winter is called “cold and flu season.”  In fact, lack of vitamin D3 is the most common vitamin deficiency in modern civilization.

Vitamin D3 is the most active form of this vitamin and not only helps to fend off illness, it also helps prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer. Vitamin D3 is also a must for healthy bones and teeth, as it helps the body utilize calcium.

Suggested Use: Take two capsules of Elderberry D3fense with a meal three times daily, plus two capsules before going to bed.

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