Everg-VEnerg-V is a formula designed to combat stress and fatigue by herbally supporting the body’s ability to produce energy. It contains adaptogens (schizandra and eleuthero) to help the body adjust to physical and mental stress. It also contains herbs that support the various energy-producing glands, especially the thyroid and adrenals.

Energ-V has proven helpful not only for fatigue, but also as an aid to increased stamina during exercise. It has proven helpful in cases of ADHD and chronic fatigue syndrome and may also be helpful for mild depression, post-partum weakness and low sex drive. Designed by Joan Vandergriff, a Texas herbalist, Energ-V contains the following herbs:

Bee Pollen, although not an herb, it is often called nature’s most complete food. It contains all the known vitamins, every mineral, all the amino acids, and is low in calories. Bee pollen brings about increased energy and improved mental function, normalized glandular health, improved immunity and enhanced athletic ability.

Eleuthero root is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body address to stress. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer properties that are attributed to its ability to boost the immune system. It helps protect the cells of tissues and organs, notably neurotransmitters that carry information in the nervous system, from damages due to toxins in the environment. It has been used to combat radiation sickness and illness due to chemotherapy. Studies have also shown it can boost athletic performance by its ability to help increase lung capacity.

Yellow Dock: The roots of this plant are able to take up whatever iron is in the soil. Although it does not contain large amounts of iron, it improves the assimilation and utilization of this mineral and has a beneficial effect on blood levels of iron.

Licorice root is one of the very best adrenal tonic herbs. It has a cortisol-sparing action, which appears to take stress off of the adrenals. Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory hormone, and licorice helps to aid this anti-inflammatory effect. Licorice also helps to balance blood sugar levels, which reduces sugar and caffeine cravings. It improves energy and stamina and eases thirst and dryness in the body.

Gotu Kola is highly recommended by herbalists to aid in mental alertness and endurance and is claimed to strengthen and energize the brain. It enhances activity levels and increases the ability to overcome fatigue. It also fortifies the immune system and strengthens the adrenals.

Kelp is a significant source of iodine and has been used for hundreds of years in treating enlarged thyroid glands. The iodine in kelp stimulates the thyroid, which in turn boosts the body’s metabolism rate. Kelp is also a great source of trace minerals needed for general health.

Schizandra fruit is considered an adaptogenic herb that increases muscular endurance, strengthens and quickens the reflexes, and increases work efficiency. It has a stimulating effect on the nervous system but is not excitatory like caffeine. Some say that the higher the degree of exhaustion, the greater this stimulating effect. Schizandra helps protect the liver from environmental toxins, too.

Barley grass contains a total of 16 vitamins, 23 minerals, 18 amino acids and hundreds of active enzymes. This substance cuts down on degenerative disorders and strengthens the body’s ability to regenerate itself. Barley is also a good blood and immune system builder.

Rose Hips are most commonly used as a nutritional aid for the immune system in fighting colds and other acute ailments. Rose hips are also an important participant in healing and strengthening all body tissue, and are excellent in preventing and treating infection.

Capsicum, also called cayenne pepper, is unequalled in promoting good blood circulation. It revitalizes cells, arteries, veins, the stomach, intestines, the heart, and most of all, the blood. Capsicum regulates blood flow throughout the body and helps prevent blood clots from forming, while dissolving those that are already formed.

Suggested Use for Energ-V

Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily. Energ-V is commonly used in conjunction with vitamin C, B complex, bee pollen and iron supplements. Consult your health care provider in cases of uncontrolled high blood pressure and in pregnancy.

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