Detoxifying accumulated heavy metals and toxins with chlorella



With governments increasingly supporting the relentless greed of multinational corporations, with no apparent regard for people or the environment, we live in a toxic world with potentially serious, often fatal health consequences. How then can we flush out these toxins accumulating in the body, which represent a serious and ever increasing health hazard?

To begin to address this issue, we need to look at the characteristics of these diverse, harmful toxins we are exposed to, including but not limited to the following:

• Processed and fast foods, meat, fish, dairy, GMO foods and bottled drinks such as sodas containing aspartame and other chemicals
• Water supplies containing fluoride and toxins from industrial and agricultural waste and land run-off
• All types of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hygiene and vanity products and cleaning and packaging products
• Vaccines of all types
• The air we breathe, including industrial and vehicle fumes and toxic industrial gases
• Chemtrails
• Radiation, especially in sea foods
• Agricultural chemicals in foods such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides
• Mercury amalgam in tooth fillings
• Bacteria, viruses and fungi

Some of these toxins, such as mercury, for example, are cumulative, which means that the body cannot remove them naturally, and they progressively accumulate in the skin and organs over time to dangerous and even fatal levels. This is particularly dangerous for children, with the current generation exposed from birth. Many are carcinogenic, exposing young people in particular to the potential for many types of cancer later in life.

While many measures can be taken to avoid toxins through an appropriate lifestyle and natural diet, toxins that have already accumulated over a whole lifetime and are now residing in the skin, blood and organs will have a negative ongoing impact on health, no matter how healthful the existing and ongoing diet and lifestyle may be.

So how then can these diverse dangerous bodily contaminants be removed?

Chlorella is the ultimate detoxification food

While there are many “detox” natural products and protocols around which use lemon juice, maple syrup, turmeric and many other ingredients, these are mostly quite lightweight and limited in scope and effectiveness relative to the sheer amount and location of toxins contaminating the body of the average person, as previously listed.

Chlorella is very powerful and widely used to chelate and remove from the skin and organs cumulative, toxic heavy metals such as mercury, which is frequently used in the “amalgam” used by dentists for filling teeth and is also, for more sinister reasons, found in many types of vaccines and is highly toxic.

Chlorella is in fact so powerful at binding with heavy metals that miners mix it with water and pump it into mine shafts to mop up all the residual metals after mining is complete.

In addition to heavy metals, chlorella is extremely effective at removing a wide range of toxins from the liver and other major organs, keeping them clean if taken in adequate quantities of at least 5 grams each day, along with countless other nutritional benefits.

It is also worth considering a major chlorella-based detox for a week, taking 15 grams or more of chlorella each day in three separate portions.

Chlorella has countless other health benefits, so adding this superfood to one’s daily diet can bring profound benefits to all levels of health, vitality and well-being.


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