Consumer Lab Approves Nature’s Prenatal on Dr. Oz

A recent Dr. Oz episode investigated the quality of the supplements Americans are putting in their bodies. And it revealed that not every supplement is created equal.

“When I found out that the $28 billion vitamin and supplement industry may be cheating you, it made me angry. I wanted to see for myself. And the results may surprise you,” Dr. Oz says in the episode.

Oz interviewed Dr. Tod Cooperman on research from Consumer Lab in a recent report that tested more than 60 leading vitamins and minerals sold in the United States and Canada. Throughout the episode, you can see a bottle of Nature’s Prenatal from Nature’s Sunshine, which received a full approval from Consumer Lab. To see the episode, go here. To see the report from Consumer Lab, go here

“We tested over 3,000 products and found problems in 1 out of 4 of them,” Cooperman said. The study tested supplements to see if they:

  • Provide exactly the claims on its supplement facts
  • Have too much of a particular vitamin 
  • Are contaminated with heavy metals 
  • Break apart properly for absorption.

The products that passed the tests for all these criteria, as well as met FDA labeling requirements, earned an APPROVED rating. In the interview, Cooperman said defects were found in nearly 40% of the supplements. Here are some of the discoveries Consumer Lab lists on its website:

  • One popular general multivitamin contained nearly 2.5 times its claimed amount of vitamin A in the retinol form. Too much of this type of vitamin A can be harmful. 
  • 12 multivitamins provided less vitamin A, vitamin C, or folic acid, or than claimed, some with less than 30% of the listed amounts. These include a prenatal vitamin and products for men, adults (general), seniors, and even pets. 
  • Tablets of a women’s multi and a general adult multi failed to break apart within the required time — indicating they may not fully release all of their ingredients for absorption. 
  • One pet multivitamin was contaminated with lead. 
  • A range of multivitamins contained more than the upper tolerable limits established by the Institute of Medicine for niacin, vitamin A, magnesium, and/or zinc.

Consumer Lab tested and approved Nature’s Sunshine Prenatal Vitamin. The report said Nature’s Prenatal contained the claimed amount of nutrients tested, did not exceed contamination limits for lead and disintegrated properly.

This type of quality is what Nature’s Sunshine has been aiming for over the last 40 years. Nature’s Sunshine rigorously tests each product and ingredient to ensure purity, safety and potency.

“Quality has always been, and will always be, central to Nature’s Sunshine Products,” said Lynda Hammons, VP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. “High-quality supplements are not an accident. It doesn’t just happen! Nature’s Sunshine spends millions of dollars every year plus a lot of time, effort and expertise, assuring that we offer the highest quality supplements on the market. I have never been asked to cut costs. We have the funding for testing because we need to test to ensure that we can use high-quality ingredients to make the best supplements.”

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