Cayenne pepper improves circulation, reduces inflammation and spices up your cooking



Cayenne pepper is used around the world for seasoning regional dishes, including jambalaya in New Orleans, Szechuan chicken in China, Pad Thai in Thailand and good old American barbequed ribs. Cayenne pepper has also long been used around the world as medicine. Used as an herbal medicine in Greece, China and the Middle East, cayenne stimulates blood flow, increases the action of mucous membranes, heals muscle aches and cleanses the body. Cayenne is also available as a homeopathic remedy for both acute and chronic disease.

The Latin name for Cayenne pepper, Capsicum annuum, means “to bite,” and it is native to South America and the West Indies. A member of the Solanaceae family of plants (along with tomatoes, potatoes and deadly nightshade), the seedpod of the plant is used after drying and grinding into a powder.

Cayenne increases circulation
Cayenne has the unique ability to stimulate circulation, so it is often used in herbal therapies that demand an increase in blood circulation. Recent research has shown that cayenne acts as a natural vasodilator and may be useful in treating angina. Because of its ability to improve blood flow, cayenne is used by herbalists to heal muscle and joint pain, and even to speed healing of damaged tissue. Increased blood flow provides a source of healing nutrients to the tissue, and the blood also carries away the toxins from the damaged or wounded area. Cayenne can be used internally or in a topical application.

Cayenne is antimicrobial
Because cayenne has an antimicrobial action, research with cayenne has shown that it can be used to delay microbial growth in stored foods. In tests, cayenne reduced the growth of microflora, yeast and molds in Kareish cheese. Because of these cleansing qualities, it is often used in herbal therapies that demand an increase in blood circulation. It is also used in detox programs.
Because it is a stimulant, it can keep a person awake and prevent grogginess.

Cayenne reduces inflammation

For reducing pain caused by inflammation, cayenne is one of the best herbs available. Whether the pain is caused by swelling of tissues or by muscle sprains and tears, cayenne is the herb of choice.

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