8 Nutritional Supplements to Support a Healthy Intestinal System [Infographic]

The health of your intestinal system may also represent the health of your entire body. Every nutrient first has to be digested and passed through the intestines before it can make it to the other organs. The stomach and intestines are often the first line of defense for your immune system, too.

Nature’s Sunshine has plenty of supplements for the intestines. But to make things a bit more clear, we put this graphic together below to help you understand 8 of them and how they could help your intestinal health:

intestinal infographic

intestinal infographic (click to enlarge)

8 Nutritional Supplements that Support a Healthy Intestinal System

Nature’s Three

  • Nature’s Three provides insoluble and soluble fiber from psyllium, oat and apple. Both kinds of fiber are critical to a properly functioning intestinal system.
  • Encourages regular bowel movements
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range


  • LBS II Herbal blend supports the intestinal system, promoting optimal bowel function and clearing the bowels of toxic waste.
  • Contains cascara sagrada, buckthorn, licorice, capsicum, ginger, Oregon grape, turkey rhubarb, couch grass and red clover

Cascara Sagrada

  • This “sacred bark” has been used by cultures the world over as a nutritional support for waste elimination. Cascara Sagrada acts as an herbal laxative, influences intestinal contraction and supports a clean colon.

Intestinal Soothe and Build

  • Intestinal Soothe and Build are made up of herbs that soothe and balance the bowel.
  • Maintains the proper balance of microflora for optimal function.
  • Also helps relieve occasional bloating pressure, soother the mucous membranes lining the intestinal tract, relaxes the bowl and encourages the removal of toxins.
  • Contains slippery elm bark, chamomile flowers, plantain leaves, rose hips fruit, bugleweed aerial parts and marshmallow root.

Aloe Vera Liquid:

  • Aloe Vera Liquid nourishes the digestive and intestinal systems
  • Soothes internal tissues of the digestive and intestinal tracts
  • Contain vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients
  • Supports intestinal health

CleanStart / Tiao He Cleanse

  • Cleansing products (such as CleanStart and Tiao He Cleanse) help rid your body of common colon toxins that affect your overall health and supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of energy and well-being.

Food Enzymes

  • Food Enzymes break down toxins and undigested food to keep your intestinal tract healthy.
  • One capsule digests: 30 g Protein, 30 g Carbohydrates, 20 g Fat

Probiotic Eleven

  • Probiotic Eleven is a unique combination of healthful friendly  bacteria to help maintain and replenish intestinal supply.
  • Each capsule contains 6 billion microorganisms.

Anti-Gas TCM

  • Anti-Gas TCM is a highly concentrated blend of 15 Chinese herbs that support the digestive and detoxifying functions of the body, including the urinary system.


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