Four Steps to Staying Healthy


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There are many simple ways that we can keep ourselves in good health. To be in good health is to be healthy. People who are healthy have energy and stamina. They rarely get sick. They are full of life, living a healthy lifestyle. Here are five steps that you can take to keep yourself healthy!

Eat healthy. Remember those food groups? Try to get your recommenced daily allowances each day. Our bodies need these foods for a reason. Each food group nourishes our body in a different way. When our body is fully nourished we feel good. People concentrate and learn much better when they eat a well balanced diet. Memory even functions better. Remember to eat right!

Our bodies need more than food to stay healthy. We also need fluids. Think hydration. When our bodies get dehydrate we begin to experience physical symptoms. Severe dehydration can be fatal. Mild dehydration can cause mood swings and irritability, not to mention a thirsty feeling. Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are already low on fluids? Thirst is our bodies way of telling us that it needs more fluids. Adults need to drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of fluid per day. Remember, soda doesn’t count as a fluid because brinks containing caffeine can actually dehydrate us!

Take a multivitamin. Why? Because. Our bodies need both vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. Very few people get the daily recommendations for vitamins and minerals by eating alone. A multivitamin contains these essential vitamins and minerals that we don’t get from the foods we eat.

Stay active. Exercise. Sitting around all day is not going to keep anyone healthy. Getting out in the fresh air will. Soaking up the sun while going for a walk will keep you healthy too. Our muscles need to be used in order to stay healthy. When people are not active enough they will begin to notice symptoms such as weakness, and aches and pains.

Everyone wants to be healthy. The are many more ways to stay healthy other than the five I have given you.

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