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More Testing Means A Better Product

Quality means giving you exactly what you want-and nothing else. Our raw materials and finished products undergo more tests than other companies’.

Herbal Fingerprints


Nature’s Sunshine uses Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) to positively identify each lot of plant material that is used in our products. Think of it as taking the plant’s “fingerprint.” Every herb species has a unique TLC print, so we use this test to verify that we have the correct herb species, the correct part of the plant, and the correct natural actives in the plant.

We often combine TLC testing and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). We compare the “fingerprint” and analytical test data of the new lot to a known standard to be sure we have the correct herb and to ensure that key components are present in the correct ratios. For example, golden seal is an expensive herb used to support the immune system. Barberry herb has a similar appearance and chemical composition, but it costs just a fraction of what golden seal does. Some vendors may be tempted to dilute their golden seal with barberry to save money. But NSP scientists can detect this kind of adulteration and reject any tainted lots of material.

More testing means a better product


Quality means giving you exactly what you want-and nothing else. Our raw materials and finished products undergo more tests than other companies’.

Nature’s Sunshine was the first company to encapsulate herbs, back in 1972. Our commitment to offering only the finest-quality supplements has never wavered. We’re still adamant about offering only the best products to our customers worldwide.
Because we manufacture our own products, we can build quality into them and control every aspect of testing along the production process.

Product Comparisons

Thai-Go – Bringing the Best Fruits Together for Your Protection

We verify that every bottle of Thai-Go stamped with the Brunswick Labs ORAC Certified seal delivers unparalleled antioxidant protection. Brunswick Laboratories certifies Thai-Go in five antioxidant tests. Read full product comparison

NSP Noni Juice Six Times Stronger than Competitor in Immune Stimulation

NSP Nature’s Noni Juice outperformed a top-selling brand of Noni better than 6 to 1 in stimulating immune system response in this specific procedure. Read full product comparison

New Study Shows St. John’s Wort to Be More Effective than Prescription Drug

The randomized, double-blind reference-controlled trial showed that patients using the herb experienced significantly better improvement in their depression. Read full product comparison

NSP Essential Oils vs. the Competition
Comprehensive testing reveals discrepancy in quality

The label of a well-known competitor also indicated the use of two different species of lavender, something you’ll never find in NSP’s pure, AOC-certified* lavender oil. When two different species are mixed, you never know exactly what you’re getting. NSP only uses true lavender, Lavendula angustifolia (no hybrids), in its product. Read full product comparison

Ultimate Echinacea Good Health Isn’t Contagious

We compared NSP Ultimate Echinacea with four popular echinacea extracts on the market. Ultimate Echinacea has several times more echinacosides (a key active component) than these four other brands. Read full product comparison

Ultimate Echinacea vs.the Competition

NSP Ultimate Echinacea has several times more echinacosides (a key active component) than these four competitors. Knowing this, which echinacea product would you choose? Read full product comparison

Boost Your Immune System and Lower Cholesterol with High-Potency Garlic

To find out who offered the most potent garlic supplement on the market, we randomly tested five top-selling garlic products against NSP High-Potency Garlic using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Read full product comparison

NSP Cascara Sagrada vs. three popular brands

We tested three popular brands of cascara sagrada products against NSP Cascara Sagrada. Read full product comparison

NSP Psyllium Hulls vs. other psyllium products

You would need to take almost twice as much of these competing products to equal the absorbing, bulking action of NSP Psyllium Hulls. Read full product comparison

NSP Kava Kava vs. three competitors

We tested NSP Kava Kava against three popular brands, measuring the amount of kavalactones (the key active component) per capsule. What’s more important, NSP Kava Kava was the only one of these products that actually contained the amount of kavalactones indicated on the label. Others fell short, as much as 48 percent! Read full product comparison

NSP Stomach Comfort vs. other stomach products

We tested an NSP product against three random samples of popular, over-the-counter antacid products to see how much acid each would neutralize. Read full product comparison

NSP Melatonin vs. the competition

Most of the products tested fell short of their label claims, some substantially. One sample exceeded its label claim by 57 percent, which may be more melatonin than some customers want. Read full product comparison

NSP Aloe Products Win Seal of Approval
International Aloe Science Council Certifies Quality and Purity

These evaluations include not only agricultural practices but also processing and storage practices. Heavily adulterated commercial aloe products are common. Read full product comparison

The NSP Acid Test

The peels of about 1,500 lemons are required to produce one pound of lemon oil. In our competitive market, some companies may be tempted to add synthetic ingredients to their lemon oil. Read full product comparison


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