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Start Spring Cleaning

Woman cleaningNot seeing the upside to household chores? How about this: Even things like vacuuming and washing windows can burn calories and get you closer to your weight loss goal. Lose weight while you clean? Sounds like motivation to us.

Here, the calorie counts of some common spring cleaning tasks¹

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Bring Gym Back

Man doing push-upsLots of us have dismal memories of gym class—what with the stinky locker rooms and painful dodgeball sessions—but there was a definite upside: We learned tried-and-true exercises that that never go out of style. Here are some old-school moves you can add to your workout routine today¹—they’re great as pre-cardio warm-ups or to keep your heart rate up while circuit training.

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Happy Meals


Woman eating slowWhat if you could sit down to the exact same meals you’re used to eating—and lose weight? Well, a new study suggests it might be the way you eat, as much what you eat, that’s keeping you from your goal.

Specifically: A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &

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24 Fun Food Facts


  • Fun Food Fact #1: In general, raw vegetables have a much higher nutrient value than cooked, though there are a few exceptions, such as cooked tomatoes. Cooked artichokes are very high in overall antioxidant value.
  • Fun Food Fact #2: The smaller the size of a berry,

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Shoo, Old Shoes!

ShoesHow long have you been wearing your gym shoes? A few months? A few years? Run-down running shoes are bad news—and not just because they smell so bad you have to leave them outside when you come home. They can actually be harmful to your body. Get our tips for when to toss ‘em.

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Green Giant

Green Giant smoothieThis St. Patrick’s Day, we have a bit of advice when it comes to artificially green-colored beers: Just say no. (Same goes for the icky green eggs and ham.) Instead, start a new tradition—sipping spinach through a straw.

Smoothies are proof that food for health can also be food for fun.

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Running On Empty?

BreakfastThe first thing many of us do in the morning (besides hit the snooze button) is head to the kitchen for coffee and cereal. But a new study says that heading to the gym before you eat breakfast may make it easier to lose weight.

This is noteworthy news about health and the effects of exercise,

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NSP’s Commitment to Quality

NSP’s Commitment to Quality

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Men’s X-Action Reloaded

X-Action ReloadedNatural Male Enhancement

For most people, intimacy is an essential part of a meaningful, lasting relationship. But age, stress and other factors can affect intimacy and thereby put strain on an otherwise- healthy relationship.

Men’s X-Action Reloaded contains a powerful blend of herbs and nutrients to support male sexual health and vitality,

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SmartMeal Nutritional Shake Mix

SmartMealDelicious Meal Replacement System for Weight Management

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy and fit. It helps increase metabolism and build muscle. But successful weight loss or management requires controlling the calories you consume. Finding a delicious way to do this may seem nearly impossible.

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Solstic® Revive

Solstic ReviveRejuvenate… Renew… REVIVE

Solstic Revive replaces vital nutrients — including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium — lost during exercise, stress, exertion, dehydration and malnutrition. Revive is perfect for before, during and after any strenuous activity or as a refreshing beverage anytime throughout the day.

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Understanding Weight Management and Your Metabolism

weightloss exersizeMetabolism—a word we all immediately assign to weight loss and weight gain—is derived from the metabellein, a Greek word meaning “to change.” Metabolism refers to processes of change within the body. Without a healthy functioning metabolism, the body can’t heal itself, maintain its organs and other working parts, or rid itself of harmful toxins.

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