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Manmade Problem Turned Deadlier than AIDS

Animals in factory farms are given doses of antibiotics — both to keep them alive in stressful, unsanitary conditions, and to make them grow faster. The practice leads to new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as the now-widespread form of staph (MRSA) known as ST398.

Federal regulators have in the past refused to release estimates of just how much antibiotics the livestock industry uses.

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The Health Risks of Using Air Fresheners

Air Freshener The air freshener fad is obvious. Our TVs are booming with air freshener commercials and almost every bathroom, dorm room and hospital has it on hand for a daily, if not hourly, refreshing spritz. We readily have these products on hand because they smell good. They accomplish the job of “freshening”

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Slash Your Chance of a Cold by 50%

WPHL offers a list of ways to fight a cold that are more natural and more affordable than pricey, over-the-counter medicines. They include:

Slippery Elm

The inner bark of the Slippery Elm, when mixed with water, it becomes a slick gel.

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The Dangers of Toxic Home Cleaning Products

Cleaning BucketWithout knowing much about their ingredients, Americans put a great amount of trust in their store-bought cleaning products. Most don’t realize that their home “cleaning” products may be doing more harm than help. Many of these solutions use chemicals that come with health risks we all want to avoid—not referring to the rare cases when products are accidentally ingested.

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Krill Oil Improves Concentration by 60% and Fights ADHD

A clinical study in children with ADHD showed that they significantly improved both their clinical scores and identified EEG patterns when their diets were supplemented with krill oil for a period of 13 weeks.

The EEG patterns of the study participants were compared to a database of more than 400 children with an established ADHD diagnosis,

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Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid

Some food additives are worse than others. Food Matters suggests these as the top ones to avoid:

Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame, also known as Nutrasweet and Equal, is believed to be carcinogenic and accounts for more reports of adverse reactions than all other foods and food additives combined.

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Higher Levels of this Mineral Linked with Lower Heart Attack Rate

A new study reports a protective effect against the risk of sudden cardiac death in women who consume higher levels of dietary magnesium.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 88,000 women. Over the 26 year follow-up period, women whose magnesium intake was among the highest 25 percent of the subjects had a 34 percent lower adjusted risk of sudden cardiac death.

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BUSTED: This Popular “Independent” Health Website is Deceiving You

In a shocking report published earlier this year, BNET exposed how WebMD’s online test for depression is rigged for profit:

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Extra Body Weight Actually Decreases Bones

In the past, doctors had theorized that excess body fat might have one benefit — it could protect against the bone disease osteoporosis. But a new study finds that deep belly fat may in fact contribute to osteoporosis.

The reason is that certain types of fat cells very likely produce substances that lead to bone disease.

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This Surprising Toxin Can Lead to Genetic Defects and Miscarriages

Although more than 200 research studies show that bisphenol A (BPA) is harmful to human health, the U.S. government has decided that it would rather side with the chemical industry than with children.

The Senate failed to vote on the passage of a bill that would have resulted in a ban on the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups.

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More Drugs Do Not Mean Better Care

A new study now proves that spending more on drugs does not always translate into healthier patients. And in a second study, it was shown that when government insurers crack down on payments for certain drugs, doctors are less likely to prescribe them unnecessarily.

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Will Energy Drinks be Banned?

The Liquor Control Board of Washington state is contemplating a ban on alcoholic energy drinks. Not long ago, nine college students in Washington were hospitalized after drinking the beverages at a party.

The students were drinking the caffeinated malt liquor beverage Four Loko.

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