Natural Solutions to Endometriosis

by Steven Horne, RH(AHG)

A common cause of pelvic pain, endometriosis is a disorder where endometrial (uterine) tissue is found outside of the uterus.  This tissue responds to hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle just like the uterine lining.  It falls apart at the same time the uterine lining sheds causing menstruation.  This can cause internal bleeding that results in swelling and inflammation of surrounding tissues. It may even cause scar tissue to form.

Medical treatment for endometrosis can range from easing the pain with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs like ibuprofen) to surgical removal of the endometrial tissue or a complete hysterectomy.  Medical treatment can also involve using birth control pills or other synthetic progestins (progesterone-mimics) to counteract the estrogen stimulation of these tissues.

About 10 to 20 percent of adult women have endometrosis.  No one is sure why this uterine tissue is growing outside the womb, but some researchers believe the high incidence of it is due to the influence of xenoestrogens.  Xenoestrogens are environmental chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen.  This excess estrogen stimulation promotes the growth of estrogen-sensitive tissues such as the uterine lining and breasts.

So, the first thing women with endometriosis should do is avoid xenoestrogens.  Don’t microwave food in plastics and avoid using plastic wrap and plastic containers.  Also avoid pesticides and herbicides by purchasing organic produce wherever possible and washing all produce in Sunshine Concentrate.  Also avoid commercial meat and dairy products. It is especially important to avoid animal fats from commercially-raised animals, because xenoestrogens tend to concentrate in fat.

Other Ways to Balance Hormones

Fat cells make estrogen, so if you are overweight, get on a program to lose weight.  This will also reduce estrogen production.

Herbal remedies can also help balance hormones. Chaste tree berries can help to normalize levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body by regulating hormones from the pituitary.  Not only is it helpful for endometriosis, it can also be a useful herb for PMS, menopause and even teenage acne caused by raging hormones. 

Wild Yam and Chaste Tree may be worth a try, too.  Wild yam is anti-inflammatory and helps to ease pain.  A fairly high dose (8-12 capsules per day) may be needed to be effective.  Start with six capsules per day increase if needed.

Because progesterone and estrogen compete for receptor sites (which is why synthetic progesterone is used by the medical community to treat endometriosis), women with endometriosis could try using Pro-G-Yam Cream to enhance progesterone levels.  False unicorn also has a progesterone-like effect.

Supplements that break down excess estrogens in the liver, such as indole-3 carbinol, may also be helpful. A good liver or blood purifier formula like All Cell Detox or Chinese Liver Balance will also improve liver detoxification of excess hormones.

NSP Manager Pete Nichol’s told me about the great results he has had great using Paw Paw Cell Reg (which inhibits abnormal cell growth) and IF-C (which reduces inflammation) to help women with endometriosis.  This makes sense, since Paw Paw is used for growths and tumors and the pain and discomfort is caused by inflammation.  I have passed his suggestion on to others and it does seem to have been helpful in many cases.

Caster Oil Packs

Endometriosis is often painful. In Chinese medicine pain is a symptom of that blood or energy (chi) is stagnant or “stuck.”  In the case of endometrosis, there is stagnant blood in the body which needs to be broken up and dispersed. 

A very good remedy for breaking up this stagnation and easing the pain associated with endometrosis is caster oil packs.  This topical application of caster oil boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, pain and swelling and can help the body detoxify. 

Caster oil packs have also been used to break up cysts and tumors. I found a great description of how to make a caster oil pack on the website Endo Resolved.  This website is full of useful information about natural therapy for endometriosis, too.

Emotional Issues

I have also found that unresolved emotional issues surrounding sexuality and reproduction can be a factor in problems like endometriosis.  Flower essences can be helpful here, particularly Easter Lily, which is for purifying the female reproductive organs and releasing negative attitudes about sexuality and menstruation. 

Medical science believes that endometriosis is incurable, however, many women have found relief from this problem naturally by adopting a healthier diet, using appropriate supplements and working with their emotions and stress.  Symptoms of endometriosis will disappear naturally with menopause, so even if natural means don’t offer a complete cure, they may allow a woman to be symptom-free and maintain the integrity of her reproductive organs by avoiding drugs and surgery until the problem naturally resolves itself at menopause.

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Posted: 07/03/2010 at 08:41 AM
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