Just to keep things simple, Vitamin A was the first one discovered. You can guess, then, that Vitamin D was the fourth! But what are they good for?

Most people know vitamin A helps you see in the dark. That’s great for night-driving, especially with on-coming lights. But we also know that this vitamin is essential for healthy skin. And mucus membranes. Dry lips, bumpy elbows and knees, acne, and all sinus, throat, bronchial and intestinal surface conditions respond to it. Also important is the mucus lining of the stomach, protecting that organ from powerful digestive acids. In other words, we don’t want to run short on this vitamin.

Although vitamin A is often sold as “cod liver oil” that has been “de-scented” to make it more pleasant-tasting, sealed gelatin capsules are available so you don’t have to taste it at all. The Recommended Daily Allowance is about 5,000 international units (I.U.s) for an adult male, but you can take 50,000 units safely for extended periods. Too much over long periods, however, can damage the liver.

But we’ve saved another major reason for taking vitamin A until the last – it can strengthen the immune system and benefit those with most any illness ranging from measles to cancer.

Another form of vitamin A is called “beta-carotene.” You can see in it the word “carrot,” and it refers to another form of vitamin A – two vitamin As attached to each other! This form is not a toxic risk like vitamin A itself.

Vitamin A is a “free-radical” scavenger, which means it is anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, and serves to help preserve and repair the body in general.
Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium. Sunlight acting on oils secreted by the skin, and thereafter reabsorbed, allows the body to make its own vitamin D.

But for those who sunburn easily, wear clothing or are not getting out into the sunlight, vitamin D supplementation is vital. Calcium and phosphorus
can then be utilized. Along with other minerals, they help keep our bones and teeth strong, prevent cramps and jittery nerves. Calcium can help you sleep at night.

So for vacationers, a strong immune system, steady nerves, and restful sleep after a big day call for vitamins A and D.

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Posted: 03/12/2010 at 03:15 PM
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Posted: 03/12/2010 at 03:15 PM
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