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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality NOW with the Boomerang

Spring is a great time to get excited about the NSP Boomerang Air & Surface Sanitizer. Before the pollen and dander really start to fly, get a Boomerang, and start sanitizing your home and office air!

The patented Boomerang uses special nano-sized metals, including silver, that react with photons from ultraviolet light to create millions of negative ions. Positively charged particles in the air (bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust) are drawn to negative ions. Neutralized particles fall to the floor to be vacuumed up. And, negative ions neutralize airborne organisms on a cellular level so they cannot reproduce.

The Boomerang Air & Surface Sanitizer:

• Kills airborne microbes and neutralizes pollen and particulates.
• Makes the air you breathe cleaner and less harmful.
• Helps neutralize indoor odors of all types—pets, smoke, ammonia, etc.
• Is lightweight and energy-efficient (draws 14 watts of electricity)
• Features 25 percent quieter output
• Is safe for pets, even exotic birds
• Meets new California guidelines for ozone emission (less than .05 ppm)
• Is made with pride in the U.S.
• Requires no maintenance for up to three years
• Is only available from Nature’s Sunshine


Place your Boomerang on a flat surface like a shelf
or on top of your fridge, plug it in and forget about it! It works non-stop to sanitize and deodorize up to 2,000 square feet of open living space.


Researchers at West Texas A&M University found that Silver+ PCo technology purifies the air and sanitizes surfaces. They measured tremendous reductions in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on surfaces after using Boomerang technology. The study also measured a 75% reduction in fungus/mold, bacteria, viruses and aeroallergens (pollen) after just eight hours of use!


“While attending National Convention in Las Vegas, I ordered both the Boomerang and the Air Quality Test Kit. When the kit arrived, I went right to work in my master bedroom. The ‘before’ petri dish is quite disgusting-looking and disturbing. Three days after running the Boomerang constantly, I tested again. WOW, what a difference!! I felt it was safe to take a deep breath in my master bedroom! “Thank you for the development of the Boomerang, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story!”
—Mignonne R.

“We conducted an air quality test at a company that offers water exercise and therapeutic massage for injured dogs. The high humidity in their business is a great environment for mold. We tested the air before we started, then we ran the Boomerang for two days and tested again. Our customer was convinced, and we sold a Boomerang unit to them.”
—Nick S.

“We decided to test the air quality at a house we are remodeling. We saw a definite reduction in the amount of bacteria growing after we ran the Boomerang.”
—Angelica P., Cedar grove, Wis.

“Using the Boomerang has kept my home smelling clean and seems to have reduced the dust in my home. We live near a limestone driveway that can produce a lot of dust.”
—Kristine D., ND, CNHP

“I had been having air quality concerns for a long time. My husband and I purchased a Boomerang Air Sanitizer from NSP. Within one hour, I could hardly believe the difference. I am grateful to Nature’s Sunshine and to my upline manager Jay for this.”
—Joanne l., Neenah, Wi

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Posted: 03/09/2010 at 11:56 AM
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Posted: 03/09/2010 at 11:56 AM
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