Typically HSN-W is known for its benefits for hair, skin and nails, but there are many more clinical uses for this product that aren’t always understood or promoted. With the combination of dulse plant, horsetail, sage leaves, and rosemary herb, this formula affects a lot more than just surface issues. 

Dulse plant provides iodine to the thyroid as well as being a good source of calcium and silica. Horsetail contains silica as well. So, HSN-W supplies bioavailable calcium, iodine and silica.

Bioavailable calcium is not just needed for structural development. It helps with blood clotting, aids muscles and prevents muscle cramps, supports the development of teeth and healthy gums, stabilizes cellular functions and helps to offset bowel cancer. It has a natural calming and tranquilizing effect and is necessary for maintaining a regular heartbeat and the transmission of nerve impulses. 

Bioavailable calcium also helps with protein structuring in DNA and RNA. It provides energy, breaks down fats, maintains proper cell membrane permeability, aids in neuromuscular activity and helps to keep the skin healthy. Calcium also stops lead from being absorbed into bone. 

Iodine benefits the thyroid in many ways. Halogens like chlorine, bromine and fluoride deplete displace iodine in the body. Iodine helps to metabolize fats, promotes growth, and regulates the production of energy. It is absorbed in the intestinal tract and is transported through the bloodstream to the thyroid where it becomes iodized and converted into thyroxin. Iodine is essential for carbohydrates absorption, cholesterol balance, converting carotene to vitamin A, protein synthesis, good metabolism, mental fitness, speech and healthy teeth, hair, skin and nails. 

Silica is approximately .05% of the human body weight. Silica uptake declines as we age. Silica is an essential part of connective tissue and bone health. It is utilized to rebuild collagen and elastin. It can be found in the trachea, blood vessels, eyes, tendons, dental enamel and skin. Lack of silica can result in retarded growth, poor bone development and more atherosclerotic arterial plaques.
The horsetail found in this formula is also a mild diuretic and improves structural tone to the kidneys. It is a remedy for bleeding in both the urinary tract and the lungs. 

Sage is high in antioxidants and a source of calcium and other minerals. It helps to reduce inflammation, improve memory, settle the stomach. It can also help with gas and bloating. Some studies show that sage can help lower blood sugar.
Sage can be used to increase mental alertness. Studies have also demonstrated that sage can improve memory. It can help protect chemicals in the brain that are destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease. 

Sage can be used for menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, excessive sweating and headaches. It aids in acne, hypertension and colds. 

Rosemary is a tonic that helps with transportation and delivery to the cells. It helps with tissue oxygenation. It supplies calcium, magnesium and antioxidants. It can be used as a digestive aid, to treat depression, headaches, muscle spasms, as an expectorant, promoter of menstrual flow and stimulant for production of bile. Rosemary also has a reputation for improving memory and protects the brain from free radical damage. 

So, HSN-W has many benefits. The combination aids the transportation of minerals to the structural system. When bone density scores are low and a calcium supplement is being taken, then it could be that the calcium is unbound and cannot be utilized. HSN-W helps to redirect calcium deposition, that is, it helps move the calcium into the bones and tissues. 

Besides benefiting hair, skin and nails, HSN-W helps connective tissue, bone, cartilage, tendons and joints. It benefits the soft tissues of the respiratory and urinary tracts and makes them stronger. It also benefits the pineal gland, spleen, lymphatic system, blood and blood vessels. 

Some other potential benefits of HSN-W include: 

Reduces pain and inflammation in the joints 
Helps with joint deterioration and arthritis 
Improves skin elasticity and is moisturizing 
Enhances collagen production 
Promotes bone healing from fractures and breaks (calcium alone can actually interfere with and slow the healing process if it isn’t being transported properly through the system) 
Stimulates cell formation and metabolism 
Decreases cardiac risk 
Slows the aging process 
Helps with gum disorders 
Supports neurological health 
Strengthens bones 
Promotes healthy connective tissue function and structure 
Has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant actions 
Enhances the immune system 
Increases elasticity of blood vessels 
Helps remineralization of skeletal system (bones) 
Relieves stomach and gastrointestinal problems 
Assists healing and reduces the pain of burns 
Helps relieve vertigo 
Helps with Alzheimer’s by helping to remove aluminum

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Posted: 01/14/2008 at 10:12 AM
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Posted: 01/14/2008 at 10:12 AM
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