Are You Attracting Health or Disease? Natural Health Care and The Law of Attraction 

by Steven H. Horne, RH (AHG) 

As we’re coming into a presidential election year next year, one of the issues that’s being debated is how to fix the national health care system. Does our health care system really need repair? Well, consider the following facts. 

Americans spend more money on health care than any other nation on the face of the planet (over 15% of our entire nation’s expenditures). While we comprise only 5% of the world’s population, half of all the drug prescriptions in the world are taken by Americans.  

This wouldn’t be so bad if we were the healthiest nation on the planet, but we aren’t. A report by the World Health Organization in 2000 ranked the U.S. 37th out of 190 nations in health care services. France was rated No. 1.
In terms of life expectancy, America ranks 42nd. Two decades ago we ranked 11 tho Experts tell us that American life expectancy is continuing to decrease and our children won’t live as long as we will. France, Spain and Japan rank on top in terms of life expectancy, and they all spend less money on health care than we do. What is wrong with this picture? 

More than l.7 million Americans die of a chronic disease each year. Chronic disease accounts for about 70% of all deaths in the United States. Most of these deaths are caused by three diseases-heart disease, cancer and diabetes. These diseases aren’t just caused by old age, either. They are striking younger and younger people every year. 

To make the situation even worse, the American medical system has one of the worst track records for making mistakes of any health care system in the world. Medical mistakes are ranked as the 6th leading cause of death, and that’s just the information that gets reported. 

Personally, I don’t think that socializing our health care system will improve things, because the real problem with our health care system is not a financial one. The real issue is much deeper than that-we don’t have a HEALTH-care system in the first place, all we have is a DISEASE-care system. 

This was one of the major points in a presentation I gave at Nature’s Sunshine’s Canadian Convention in Quebec City last September. My presentation, entitled “The Path to High Level Health” was partially based on my growing understanding of the law of attraction, which was discussed in the popular DVD, The Secret. I’ve been working with many of the ideas presented in The Secret for over 25 years now and am pleased to see that these concepts are becoming more mainstream, because it opens the door for me to explain some ideas about health and healing that have been forming in my brain for some time. 

I’m not going to rehash what I’ve covered in that presentation in this article, because I’ve recorded it on DVD and it is now available through Tree of Light Publishing. It’s an important foundational DVD, which lays out concepts that I hope will motivate people to start creating a health care system in their lives instead of following the current disease care system. I encourage you not only to get a copy and watch it, but to share the message with others. 

In this article, however, I’m going to do rwo things. First, I’m going to briefly explain some of the concepts I’ve been working with that center around this law of attraction. Then, I’m going to apply these concepts to health care and explain why people will never heal if they don’t “get it” and make the shift in their consciousness that will create real health. 

Part One: 
Law of Attraction Basics 

There are some “insights” I have worked with successfully for so long, that I no longer have any doubts that they are true. To most people, however, they are “funny” ideas-not funny as in humorous, but funny as in “odd.” This is because they are so contrary to the way most people think that they have a hard time believing that I’m serious when I share them. 

One of them is this. God doesn’t need any help enforcing his laws. It is simply impossible to disobey them. You couldn’t do it if you tried. Just try to disobey the law of gravity. Step off a cliff and fall up. I dare you! (Wait! On second thought, I take that back because someone might take my dare and I’m not interested in being sued when they hit the bottom and are injured or killed.) 

We call laws like the law of gravity, the laws of nature, because they simply express “how it is” or “the way things are.” Nature’s laws, which I see as God’s laws, are the ultimate answer to the child’s question, “Why?” If you keep answering a child’s “why?” long enough, you’ll ultimately come to the place where the only thing you can say is, “Because that’s the way it is.” 

Well, I believe there is an equally unbreakable law that governs the intangible aspects of our life (relationships, finances, health, etc.). You can’t disobey it. It goes by many names, one of them is the law of attraction. It’s also called the law of the harvest (“as you sow, so shall you reap”) or the law of karma. It’s expressed in a variety of religious teachings and is now even being talked about by physicists. The movie, What the Bleep? Do We Know?, discusses how quantum physics is validating this law. 

This law states that our outer reality is shaped by our inner experience. It says that there is no “objective” world out there that is making us think and feel certain things. What’s really happening is that our own thinking, feeling and actions are creating our experience of the objective world. 

Our consciousness, which involves mind, spirit (or heart) and body, expresses itself through thought, feeling and action. The combined energy of our thoughts, feelings and actions is sending forth a vibration that is attracting people and experiences to us. This is the basic idea of the law of attraction. 

It’s an odd idea when you’re first exposed to it, but if you can open your eyes and your mind and really look at the world around you, you will see abundant evidence that this is true. Why are some people accident prone, when others rarely have accidents? How is it that some people form great relationships all the time, while others can’t get a date to save their lives? Why do some people struggle with finances, while other people can make millions, go bankrupt, and then make millions again? 

We all invent reasons in our brain to explain why this is so. 
We tell ourselves things like, “They’re just more intelligent (or creative, attractive, blessed or lucky) than I am,” while each time we repeat the same pattern of accidents, failure, financial disappointment, heartache or whatever other negative pattern we’re stuck in we say, “See, this always happens to me!” 

Well, the law of attraction says that all the reasons we give ourselves to explain why something outside of ourselves is causing our unhappiness and lack of success aren’t true! We are attracting both our successes and our failures by what is inside ourselves. Most people express this idea as, “You create your own reality.” I think it is more correctly stated as, “You create your own delusions (or illusions, if you prefer)!” 

When I first started to understand this, I really didn’t like the idea. You mean that I’m responsible for all this material released by the consumption of cascara sagrada in my life!? (An inside joke for herbalists only. If you don’t get it, ask an herbalist to explain it to you.) You see, if I’m responsible for this stuff that keeps happening to me over and over again, then I can’t blame it on my parents, my ex-partners, my circumstances, the Devil or even God. That means I can’t indulge in the drug of self-pity and enjoy the little “hit” I get when I tell my woes to someone and they express sympathy for me or join me in blaming the “bad” guys (or gals) that did this to me (poor victim that I am). 

Playing the victim is a great role because it absolves you of responsibility for you life, but it’s also a lousy role because it means you can’t change anything about your life. You’re “locked into” trying to change everyone and everything around you so you can “be happy.” Unfortunately, God only gave you the power to change one person’s life and that’s your own, so when you place the responsibility for your life, happiness and success on others, your life is completely out of control. 

If you can get over the “pity me” syndrome, the good part of learning about the law of attraction is that you have the power to change your life from the inside out. While we can’t stop being a magnet that attracts people and circumstances into our life (any more than we can escape the law of gravity). You can change the polarity of what’s inside you from negative to positive and attract more positive experiences and fewer negative ones. 

It’s Not Just about Thinking 

Now, the way the law of attraction usually gets explained is that our thoughts I create our life. So, we are encouraged to “think positively.” I think the problpm is deeper than this. 

For starters, if you’ve ever tried to monitor your thoughts, you will notice that numerous positive and negative thoughts are passing through your brain all the time. If you seriously believe that every time you have a negative thought you’re attracting bad things into your life, you’ll drive yourself insane with worry anytime you have a negative thought.
Fortunately, the law of attraction is based on consciousness, not on thinking. In fact, the scripture that is often quoted to back up discussion of the law of attraction doesn’t say, “As a man thinketh in his head so is he.” It says, “As a man thinketh in his HEART so is he.” This suggests the attracting power has more to do with what’s in our emotions or spirit than it does with what is in our head. 

I believe, however, that what we attract is rooted in consciousness, which involves thinking, feeling and choices (actions). Still, the basic idea is that whatever we are giving our energy to (thought, feeling and action), we are creating. So, if we’re giving our energy to something we don’t want by thinking about it, feeling badly about it and spending our time fighting against it or resisting it, we attract more of it into our lives. 

I don’t have space here to go into detail about all of this because I’ve got to move onto the second part of this article. Before I do, however, let me mention that if you’d like to learn more about the law of attraction and how we can change what is inside of ourselves to start attracting something different, I will be teaching a teleseminar, Deep Inner Healing. The teleseminar will be held Monday, January 14th and Monday January 28th at 6:30 PM mountain time. Both sessions will last for about rwo hours. The fee for this teleseminar will be $97 and will include four CDs so you can review the material as often as you need to. You can read more about the seminar or register for it at 

Part Two: 
How to Attract Health 

When you understand the principles of the law of attraction and how our consciousness creates our reality, you begin to understand why our modern disease-care system doesn’t work. First, what do most people focus on? Disease, of course. They think about their diseases, they worry about their diseases and they spend time fighting their diseases. 

I know, because inevitably, after I’ve given some wonderful lecture about how to make the body healthy, I’ll always have people lined up to ask how they can “cure” this or that. The idea of treating disease is so firmly entrenched in their minds, that they haven’t really heard what I just said. 

The fear most people have surrounding disease (and dying) drives them to make choices based on that fear. One of the principles of the law of attraction is that when we act out of fear we attract more of what we fear. I just finished a book on Native American healing traditions and one of the things I learned was that the medicine man, or shaman, was supposed to overcome his fear of disease and death and only then could he fearlessly approach the sick and dying and help them. 

If the law of attraction is true, and we attract more of what we fear, resist and attack, it’s no wonder that modern medicine is so fraught with side effects! The entire system is rooted in fear and based on a “war” model-attacking disease, fighting infection, killing cancer and so forth. 

Unfortunately, when most people first get involved in natural healing, they bring this mind set with them. I find it interesting to see how much of what people do, even in natural health care, is motivated by fear. For instance, I see people who are terrified of environmental toxins and are constantly worried about their exposure to them. I also see people who are terrified of various foods, saying things like, “meat is poisonous” and “milk is poisonous.” This fear and fight mentality also carries over into their constant attacks on modern medicine, the FDA and all the other axis of evil-doers out to ruin our health. Unfortunately, this puts them into the same attraction pattern that their “enemies” have and creates more conflict, disharmony and ultimately ill health. 

Fighting disease will never create health. Likewise, attacking doctors and the FDA will not improve the health of the world. If you watch The Secret you’ll learn that declaring war on something creates more of it. If you want to create something positive, you have to focus your energy on what you want, not what you don’t want. 

The only difference berween positive and negative thinking is this- negative thinking is focusing your attention on what you don’t want and positive thinking is focusing your attention on what you do want. Either way, the law of attraction says you will get more of what you focus on in your life. 

So, how do we change this pattern? 

Well, Michael Losier, author of The Law of Attraction, also spoke at the NSP Conference in Canada in September and taught all of us about our magic reset button. The magic reset button is a question we ask ourselves when we find ourselves focusing on what we don’t want. The question is, “So, what do I want?” This means, that we can stop asking questions like: 

How do I cure my disease?
How do I reduce my stress?
How to I relieve my pain?
How to I get rid of my cancer? 

Instead, we should be asking questions like: 

How do I help my body heal?
How can I feel more relaxed?
How can I feel good? 
How can I support my immune system? 

By changing the focus from what we don’t want, to what we do want, we switch from a disease-care system to a health-care system and this is what we really need. 

The beautiful thing about focusing on health care instead of disease care is that we can help people with simple things. It makes the job of helping people get started on supplements much easier, because there are certain basic things that can help the body overcome many of the chronic health problems prevalent in our society. 

A Basic Health Care System 

People need to start their health care system by upgrading their food choices. It’s not that hard to start eating more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods. 

They should continue by getting some physical activity. They don’t have to go to the gym, they just have to get up off the couch and take a walk, or go dancing or participate in any activity that gets them moving.

Getting a good night’s sleep is next on the list. Most people are getting short-changed on sleep, and the body needs sleep in order to heal itself A little R&R (rest and relaxation) also goes a long way in helping the body to heal. 

Finally, instead of relying so much on drugs that just manage the symptoms of their diseases, people need to consider taking a few supplements that might actually improve their health. Most people benefit from taking a high quality multi-vitamin, antioxidants, omega-3 essential fatty acid, dietary fiber and minerals. 

A high quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement can be thought of as a nutritional health insurance policy. It’s a way to make insure that you’re getting most of the major nutrients your body needs even when you’re diet is less than perfect. NSP’s Super Supplemental is a good choice. I personally prefer a whole food supplement like GreenZone, however. 

As more and more research demonstrates that chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, dementia and arthritis are linked to free radical damage and chronic inflammation, the importance of antioxidants in the diet is becoming firmly established. The primary source for these nutrients is fresh fruits and vegetables, which is why many experts say that the best way to protect yourself from chronic diseases is to eat 7-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Since few people do this, taking an antioxidant supplement is the next best thing. A good antioxidant supplement can reduce pain and inflammation, promote faster healing and overall health, slow the aging process and help prevent chronic disease. Thai-Go, of course, is a great antioxidant supplement. 

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are lacking in modern diets and they are essential for cardiovascular health and managing inflammation and pain. If one wants to protect one’s heart and blood vessels or if one is suffering from any kind of chronic inflammatory disease, he or she should consider adding omega-3 to the diet. 

All three of these first basic supplements are found in NSP’s new Super Trio. This pack contains a new product called Super ORAC (an antixoidant like Thai-Go) along with Super Supplemental and Omega-3 EFA. 

There are a few other supplements that one might consider. For example, fiber is lacking in most diets and is necessary for bowel health. Fiber can reduce cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels in diabetes and protect against colon cancer and other diseases of the intestinal tract. I personally like Psyllium Hulls Combination best, but NSP has three other fiber blends to accommodate a wide variety of needs. 

The bowel also benefits from probiotic supplements, which replace the friendly bacteria in the colon that are destroyed by antibiotics, chlorinated water and many drugs. These friendly bacteria are essential to the function of the immune system and help prevent bacterial, fungal and yeast infections, as well as make certain nutrients available to the body. Many people find a probiotic supplement like Bifidophilus Flora Force or Probiotic Eleven very helpful. 

Speaking of the digestive tract, raw and naturally fermented foods contain enzymes that take stress off the digestive tract. Since most of us eat little raw food, a good enzyme supplement can improve digestion, prevent gas and bloating, enhance immune function and even reduce inflammation and pain. Proactazyme Plus is my first choice, followed by Food Enzymes

Finally, modern agricultural methods have depleted mineral content in our foods, so most of us aren’t getting the trace minerals we need, even if we’re eating healthy foods. Which is why a trace mineral supplement can be beneficial for many people. Mineral Chi Tonic or Colloidal Minerals are good choices. 

It’s time we stopped thinking in terms of disease care and start creating a genuine health care system in our lives. It’s something that neither the medical profession or the government will do for us. Let’s change our focus from disease to health-it’s really the only way to attract what we really want. 

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