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We’ve come to the end of this
month’s Nature’s Field. It’s longer than usual, but then, I had a lot I wanted
to say about this subject. For those of you who are in the supplement business,
you may feel disappointed that I haven’t said more about supplements for weight
loss. Obviously, that’s because I don’t feel any weight loss program is going to
have any permanent benefit unless it addresses the core issues of what and how
we eat.

Still, this doesn’t mean
that supplements have no place in our weight loss program. There are specific
health issues that can interfere with weight loss. Here are some of those issues
and some things you can do about them.


The body burns fat in order to
stay warm and the gland that sends the chemical messages to burn that fat is the
thyroid. Low thyroid is extremely common, especially among women, and can result
in weight gain, fatigue, depression, cold hands and feet and dry skin. If low
thyroid may be a problem for you, then Thyroid Support, Thyroid Activator,
Liquid Dulse or Black Walnut could help you lose weight. In some cases, an
iodine supplement like lodoral or even thyroid medication may be

Toxicity and

Toxins contribute to
weight gain in two ways because they cause inflammation and because fat stores
toxins. The rapid weight loss most people experience at the beginning of any
diet program or cleanse is typically due to a reduction of inflam mation and
fluid retention. Conversely, when a person gains 5 or 10 pounds after a weekend
ofbinging, most of it is fluid retention caused by the irritating food additives
and chemicals in junk food. So, a good cleansing program such as Tiao He or
Dieter’s Cleanse can also help with weight loss. Fiber supple ments like
Psyllium Hulls Combination or Fat Grabbers can also be

is a lot of research showing that stress contributes to weight gain. This is
partly because stress promotes the release of cortisol, a hormone from the
adrenals. Cortisol is a chemi cal messenger that causes the body to break down
proteins for energy and also causes carbohydrates to be stored as fat
(particularly in the abdominal area). So, stress can cause a decrease in muscle
mass and an increase in fat deposition. In this case, supplements like Nature’s
Cortisol or Adrenal Support may be helpful. Nature’s Cortisol will help when the
adrenals are overactive, Adrenal Support when they are

that cortisol is also released in response to chronic inflammation, so
asupplementlike Thai-Go that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
can also help to reduce cortisol output. Reducing inflammation also increases
metabolism and helps leptin, the fat burning hormone, work


While adjusting to a better
diet, it can help to take some supplements that reduce appetite and food
cravings. Here, Nature’s Hoodia or Garcinia Combination may be helpful. Cravings
for sugar are signs of blood sugar problems and usu ally indicate that the diet
is lacking fat and protein. Licorice Root and Super Algae are two supplements
that can control blood sugar levels and reduce the cravings for sweets. NSP’s
new xylitol-sweetened chocolate bars, gum or mints can also satisfY the
occasional cravings for sweets without causing the blood sugar spikes that lead
to weight

enzymes such as Proactazyme Plus or Food En zymes can also aid weight loss by
improving digestive function. Enzyme deficiency contributes to weight

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Posted: 12/31/2006 at 10:55 AM
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Posted: 12/31/2006 at 10:55 AM
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