Back in the primitive days of medicine, doctors
used to administer poisons like stricknine and mercury to people to “get them
well.” Well, that seems ridiculous now because stricknine is used as a poison to
kill rats. And mercury was used in hat making and was known to make the hatters
go crazy. Remember the mad hatter in Alice and Wonderland? He was mad because he
inhaled too much of the mercury

The reason doctors used
these is because it got rid of the symptoms of a fever or other symptomology
that was known to kill people. What they were actually doing was trading one
symptom for another, and then one disease for another less dangerous disease,
they thought. 

Do you know what a healing crisis is? It is the
point at which the body generates enough energy to overcome the sickness by
fighting it with a heating of the body (or a fever), or with a runny nose or
sweating toxins out of the pores of the skin, and other actions we would call
symptoms. These “symptoms” are good signs that the body is strong enough to
fight the disease. 

Well, doctors
knew that mercury suppressed the immune system. It would cause the body to quit
heating up to kill the disease. In other words, it would kill the fever, but the
fever is what would actually kill the disease. So, the disease was just
suppressed and it would manifest in another way in the body. Then, the doctors
would treat that symptom, and it would manifest in yet another way, until the
patient would finally die after all the doctor had done. This method is still
practiced in modern medicine

Eli Willey, the founder of
one of America’s foremost drug companies, said “All medicines are poisons and
any drug which is not a poison is not a good drug.” William Cook in the
Physiomedical Dispensary says that the art of medicine is to know how much
poison you can give a person without killing them. In other words, there is a
certain dose of a poison you can give a person to relieve the symptoms, but if
you give them too much it will make them sicker or kill them. And he says that’s
the whole skill of the physician. That’s kind of scary when you think about

Now, there were doctors on the
other side of the fence who believed that you should support the symptoms and
the body would heal faster. In fact, there still are some doctors who believe
this way. And this is the way herbalists work, as

Do you know what this
replacing one disease with another is called? “Side effects” or “risk versus
benefits ratios.” This is common terminology used in the pharmaceutical


Since all drugs have side
effects, in other words, since all drugs have new diseases or new discomforts,
when you give a person a drug, you may suppress one symptom but you will get a
side effect – or a new disease which replaces the old one. The risks versus
benefits notion is the idea that you have to decide if the risks that are
proposed by the side effect are less than the risks proposed by the symptom that
the person already has. The doctor gives the medicine only when the risk of the
side effect is less than the risk of the current

This is the same sort of
thinking that was present in the 1800’s with the use of mercury, arsenic,
stricknine and so forth. It shows up very clearly in our modern treatment of
cancer. Since the cancer cells are present in the body, the medical doctor views
the cancer cells as the disease, and, therefore, the cancer cells have to be
killed because they are going to kill the patient. So, they give the person
chemotherapy, because the risk of the cancer cells is greater than the risk of
the chemotherapy. However, the side effects of the chemo, such as losing your
hair, having your esophagus turn into hamburger or depressing your immune system
is considered to be less of a risk than the presence of cancer cells in the
body. And that’s the “risk versus benefits

The problem is that
cancer is a deficiency of the immune system. And chemotherapy drugs are targeted
poisons that kill fast growing cells. Now, do you know which of the cells in the
human body are some of the fastest growing cells? Which are our good fighter
cells? The white blood cells. So, chemotherapy actually further reduces immune
system function by killing our fighter cells. It also destroys many of the cells
lining the digestive tract, because they are also fast growing cells. The cells
that line the micro villi of the small intestines that absorb nutrients are also
fast growing cells, and chemotherapy will often destroy them and then you can’t
assimilate your nutrients. The very thing that caused the cancer to be there in
the first place is actually helped along by the chemotherapy. It further
depresses the immune system and weakens the person’s body by interfering with
their ability to assimilate

Maybe what we should be
doing is giving the person herbs and nutrients and putting them on a program
that will REBUILD their immune response, so that their immune system will take
over and begin to fight the cancer and destroy it. That would make more
molecular sense. This would be nourishing and supporting the natural function of
the body. Whereas, a poison comes in and interferes with the natural function of
the body. One contains the process of life; the other one contains the process
of death. 

These two approaches to
medicine were called the antipathetic and the sympathetic approaches.
Antipathetic means “against the symptom.” Sympathetic means “with the symptom.”
So, the antipathetic approach to medicine is to suppress symptoms. This is done
by giving diluted doses of poisons or other things which interfere with the
natural function or metabolism and interfere with the symptoms. Whereas
sympathetic medicine is nourishment. It is giving things which nourish and
support the natural function of the body, so that the body is supported in what
it is trying to do to eliminate the disease and is better able to

Now, that doesn’t mean that
antipathetic medicine is never to be used. Sometimes a disease or condition has
gone so far that the sympathetic approach will not turn it. As a last ditch
effort, you may have to go to an antipathetical medicine. For example, if you
have a large tumor in the body that is starting to obstruct some major organ and
you’re in a serious life-threatening situation, by all means go have surgery and
let them cut out the tumor and get rid of it. Because you may not have long
enough for your body to fight it off. If it cuts off a main artery or shuts down
your digestive tract so that nothing can pass through, you’ve got big

What needs to happen in
the beginning is that we need to care for the body in such a way that it never
gets in this kind of shape that it has to go through such drastic measures. The
whole idea of natural healing is not to try and combat disease. It’s to support
the natural function of the body and allow the body to go through the process of
healing itself. 

To understand this
better, I’ll give you a mental picture. You might think of the stomach as the
body’s furnace. As the body takes in the food and digests it, it produces the
heat or energy necessary to run all the life processes of the body and keep the
body alive and help it to repair and maintain itself and perform all of its
natural functions. By constantly receiving into the stomach food that is not
suitable for the best nourishment, the stomach becomes foul, so that the food is
not well-digested. This causes the bones to ache and the appetite to fail, and
the man is sick in every part of the whole frame. In other words, we overtax the
digestive system, and this causes the body to be burdened down; and the
digestive process begins to shut down; and it produces a lot of waste, which
begins to clog our organs that eliminate, just as the stove-pipe on a chimney
might fill up with soot and the firebox fill up with ashes and clinkers which
are no longer being removed. This causes the fire or the life process or the
energy to diminish in the body. And this diminishing is what is at the root of
all disease, because the body no longer has sufficient energy to perform the
healing work that is necessary. 

know, when we get sick, usually one of the things we do is lose our appetite.
The body gets plugged up and it can no longer digest or handle food properly.
Little children, when they are feverish, generally have no appetite. The body
goes into a mode of trying to destroy what is obstructing it and to get rid of

good way of handling illness is the ABC concept: Activate, Build and Cleanse.
Activating is like fanning the fire to get the spark of life, or the heat or
energy of the body, back on line. (Enzymes) Building is like refueling the fire
– putting in good wood that is dry and will burn easily. (Glandular system) And
Cleansing is like removing the ashes and clinkers and sweeping the chimney clean
so that there are no obstructions to the process of eliminating the waste from
the body as it burns or utilizes the

(Cleanses like Tiao He, Ivy’s
and Jack’s Cleanse) 

So, it is as simple
as ABC. 

Now, many people think of
herbs as being a very mystical thing like drugs and medication. And we think
that it takes a lot of extreme knowledge and skill to be able to use herbs. But,
what it really takes is an understanding of what herbs are doing. Herbs are not
like drugs. Now, there ARE herbs that are drugs. (There are herbs that are
poisons). But, the herbs that are in common use in herb trade are not poisons.
Instead, what they are is wild vegetables. Herbs like dandelion, yellow dock,
burdock are edible wild plants. You can eat them. Our bodies and taste buds are
now accustomed to eating the more bland, sugar-sweetened, salted, buttered food
of a pampered society. Wild vegetables are very strong. Their flavors come from
their nutritional density. Nutritional density means that for the amount of
calories you’re taking in, you are getting a higher amount of vitamins,
minerals, enzymes and other accessory nutrients that are present in the

We have artificially bred all
of our vegetables to be bland and very low in flavor. Anyone who has ever grown
an organic garden with carrots, spinach or other vegetables will notice a big
difference in the taste of this organic produce. It is much stronger in
smell and flavor because there is more nutritional density in them. Have you
noticed the smell when you opened a bottle of

So, today in herbology, we
wind up giving dandelion,
, burdock
and so forth as medicines. But these were things that were actually eaten by
tribal peoples as foods on their

Sometimes taking these wild
nutritious vegetables that our bodies are not used to, will produce a healing
crisis. That is, it will go in and strengthen the body, and in the process the
body will say, “Ah, time to do house cleaning.” And it will produce a little
diarrhea, or it will produce a skin eruption or some other symptom. And the
person will say, “This herb is making me sick.” The truth is that the herb is
not making them sick. It is cleansing their

Now, you CAN cleanse too
fast. You can push the body too hard. So, I don’t like to produce intense
healing crises in people. If a person does take an herb and has a symptom, I’ll
try to find a milder herb in the same class or have them cut back on the amount
of that same herb that they’re taking and build up to the original amount again.
This will let the body gradually clean out. The important point is that the
herbs are wild vegetables. 

example, when someone eats a lot of cherries and gets diarrhea, it isn’t that
the cherries caused the diarrhea. What the cherries do is nourish. They
strengthen the liver; they strengthen their bowel, and the body takes advantage
of that nourishment to generate enough energy to create a crisis, in order to
push something that was irritating out of the

So, let’s say that you have
problems with sinus and respiratory congestion, and your body is trying to
eliminate material through that avenue. And because you don’t understand that’s
what is taking place, you take antihistamines, decongestants and antibiotics,
which are continually suppressing or interfering with this process in your body.
That’s like corking up the chimney – plugging it up further so that it functions
less efficiently. And when that’s the case, the body then diverts that
waste that it was trying to get rid of through the sinuses and lungs, and maybe
it will try to get rid of it through the kidneys. So, then you may wind up with
some kidney problem. Then, you’ll take a new drug to suppress the
symptomologies of the kidney problems. And then, maybe when the kidneys get so
burdened down that they can’t serve as an effective means of eliminating that
waste anymore, the body will try to eliminate it through the skin. So, you’ll
develop some kind of skin condition. Then, you’ll go to the doctor and take some
kind of medication that starts suppressing skin

This is that process we
talked about earlier of replacing one disease with another. See how it works? If
you block the body’s efforts to heal in one area, it will endeavor to heal
through a different avenue. And if you block it in that avenue, it will go to a
different one. I really believe that a lot of the chronic, degenerative diseases
that we suffer today are actually the result of taking these drugs over a period
of years, that so depress our immune system and our body’s ability to fight off
disease, that it is left with no avenue to effectively eliminate the things
which are irritating it. And there you get into a whole host of diseases. One of
the hardest things I find to do is to get a person who has come to that point to
realize that they are going to have to back track through all the diseases
they’ve suppressed, in other words through all the symptomologies they’ve
suppressed, in order to heal. That is called Herring’s Law of Cure. Herring was
a homeopath and he defined this law of natural healing. Part of it is that the
body heals in reverse order of symptoms

For instance, you may
know someone who has had asthma and respiratory problems all their life and they
finally get it under control. Amazingly, all of a sudden maybe they come down
with something serious like lupus. Well, then they break down and go to a
naturopath and start on an herbal program. Then they get their allergy and
asthma symptoms back and they start taking their previous drugs for that and get
that under control, but their lupus symptoms come up again. Well, you’ve got to
see the connection between these two things. It is the suppression of the
respiratory problems that is leading into the other disease. And you’ve got to
work backwards through all the symptoms before complete healing will

So, in natural healing, as
one strengthens and nourishes the body, the current symptoms may disappear and a
previous symptom that was suppressed will come to the surface. And, at that
point, the person has to be willing, then, to continue to strengthen their body,
so that their body is able to generate the crisis necessary to push that
irritant out of the body, and then it goes to the next level and they gradually

Now do you see that drugs
and herbs work two different ways? One way works against the symptom and the
other works with the symptom. So, if a person has a cough, instead of giving
them something that suppresses a cough, I may give them herbs that loosen phlegm
and strengthen the ability of the lungs to expel phlegm. They’re called
expectorants. If a person is having frequent urination, I don’t give them
something to suppress urination. I give them herbs that will strengthen the
kidney function and tell them to drink more water, so that they will flush the
irritants out of the body, so that the body no longer has to generate that
symptom to get rid of the irritants. In all cases, if you want to use herbs
effectively, you use them so that they support what the body is trying to do to
eliminate disease. That enables the body to reach that point at which the crisis
occurs more quickly, instead of trying to retard the

Let’s take food poisoning,
for example. If you could take a medication that would stop nausea and vomiting,
would it help you get better faster? Or would it slow recovery? The answer is
that it would slow recovery. Because the disease is not the nausea and vomiting.
Those are the body’s efforts to eliminate the toxic food that is sitting on the
stomach. So, instead, if you do get food poisoning and you want to speed
recovery, the ideal medicine is something that would strengthen the stomach and
increase the body’s ability to throw up the poison – so that you accelerate the
crisis and bring it to fruition more

You may find that when you
have sinus trouble or hay fever, the longer you take antibiotics, antihistamines
and decongestants, the more frequently you become sick. The more serious your
illnesses become. But, if you use the natural approach and support your body in
its efforts to eliminate the CAUSE of the disease, instead of to suppress a
symptom, you’ll find that your body becomes stronger and you’ll get sick less
often and less severely. Your immune system then will become more robust and you
will respond much more quickly to herbs as your body gets

70% of all diseases are
self-limiting. That is to say, if you went to bed and drank plenty of pure
water, the body would generate the healing crisis, get rid of the disease and
you would recover. You could speed that recovery if you knew a few herbs or
foods that would enhance what the body is trying to do and get over it. But even
if you do nothing, your body would recover in about ten days. But, instead, what
we do is suppress the symptoms with all these antibiotics and pain

Did you know that pain
killers are the most commonly used medicine in the entire word? But, when people
use them, they are not getting rid of the source of the pain. They are merely
deadening the nerves (hear that word “deadening”) so they can’t feel it. Now, I
know that there is a place for pain killers, especially if you’re going into
surgery or in other trauma situations. But, for the common everyday headache, we
need to take a look at our lifestyles and make some changes. It isn’t sufficient
just to kill the nerves. And the longer one takes a pain killer, the worse the
real problem becomes. Because he is avoiding facing whatever it is in his life
that he needs to get rid of – whatever is causing the

So, I encourage you to
first try home remedies. Then go to the doctor as a backup if those don’t work.
By all means, get x-rays when you need them. Go to the doctor for his evaluation
if you don’t know what is wrong. Now that you know more about both ways of
healing, you can make a better judgment about which way you want to handle the
health problem. 


You may ask, “Where do I begin?”
There are so many different supplements to learn about. Well, you can start out
with just a few, because I have found that certain basic problems contribute to
the majority of what people are experiencing as their illnesses and diseases
they’re having. I want to talk about 4 Basic Underlying

other part of nutritional therapy is going to work if your digestive system does
not digest, assimilate and utilize the nutrients you’re

Dr. Pottinger’s study– 5

1 – raw milk, raw meat scraps and
cod liver oil (control group) 

2 – raw
milk but cooked all the meat scraps 

3 –
raw meat but various kinds of cooked

1st group received pasteurized

2nd group received canned

3rd group received sweetened
condensed milk 

In the control
group, the cats reproduced healthy kittens generation after generation. Few
problems with fleas, disease – basically very

All cats that received
cooked food (either cooked milk or meat) showed signs of deterioration. They
developed many of same diseases we have in modern society: arthritis, tooth
problems, asthma, allergies, parasites,

Human beings are the only
creatures on the face of the earth that cooks their food before they eat it. All
others eat their food raw. Does that tell us something? Raw food contains
natural enzymes, which aid in the process of digesting the food. EX: Bird takes
seeds into gizzard, it gets warm and seeds sprout. About 1/3 of digestion takes
place without any of the body’s secretions being needed when one is eating raw
food. Because most of us eat predominantly cooked food, our body has to produce
ALL of the enzymes necessary to digest the food, because the first part of the
digestive process, using the enzymes naturally occurring in the food, is missed.
This causes a tremendous stress on the enzyme reserves in our

In fact, it has been shown
that when we eat a meal of cooked food, the amount of white blood cells increase
in the blood stream, as the white blood cells deliver enzymes from the rest of
the body TO the digestive tract, in order to help digest the food we just ate.
These enzymes which are being diverted to the digestive tract are needed by the
body for detoxification and immune system function. So, it is depressing the
enzyme levels in the body every time we eat a meal of cooked

So, one of the things we can
do, since most of us are not likely to turn around and start eating a diet of
raw food, is to take enzyme supplements with the food we eat. Digestive enzymes
can help to make up for this deficiency in the cooked food we are eating
and can help prevent a wide variety of disorders and help heal our

Some of these enzymes

Amylase – breaks down starches into
simple sugars 

Protease – breaks down
proteins into their component amino

Lipase – helps break down

Lactase – breaks down sugars in

Cellulase – breaks down

And so

What happens when we eat a
meal is that first the food goes into the upper part of the stomach, where it
sits for as long as 15 to 20 minutes, allowing the naturally occurring enzymes
to do their job of predigestion. Then, it drops into the lower part of the
stomach, where the stomach secretes its own hydrochloric acid and pepsin to
break down proteins. 

When the
stomach has finished its job, the food is transferred down to the small
intestine, where enzymes from the pancreas and bile salts from the gall bladder
combine with the food to complete the process of digestion. By taking the
digestive enzymes with your food, they go into the upper part of the stomach
and, like I said, as much as 1/3 of the digestive process will take place even
before the body begins to do its work. These enzymes, therefore, can help with
problems such as bloating, gas, stomach distress and general weakness of the
body. Most people who are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases are
deficient in enzymes and need to take enzyme supplements to help them build up
their immune system and assimilate their nutrients

Obesity may also be
linked to a lack of enzyme function in the body. Since the food is not digested
properly, it is basically being shunted into storage, since there is not enough
enzymes to break down the fats. A weak immune system can also be a problem with
enzyme deficiency. It is a lack of enzymes and a lack of digesting food properly
that also causes the colon to become toxic, and that leads to a wide variety of
illnesses formed in the body. 

are some supplements that I have found that work as good digestive

– a general enzyme supplement that contains the protease, amylase and lipase
necessary to digest the proteins, fats and

– helps digest the starches and sugars in beans and other vegetables like
cabbage, that cause gas and

For persons who
have had their gall bladders removed, they are going to have a problem digesting
fats because of the lack of bile salts. Taking a high LIPASE enzyme can help
take the stress off their liver and their digestive tract by performing much of
the fat digestion PRIOR to the time the meal enters the small

Many people also find
that they are intolerant of dairy products. Things like ice cream or milk
produce gas and intestinal distress. This is because they lack the enzyme
LACTASE, which breaks down the sugars in milk. Dairy products are not good for
humans anyway, but on those occasions when these people want to indulge in a
bowl of ice cream or cheese dip, they would enjoy it more if they took an enzyme
containing LACTASE. 

Anyway, my
recommendation is that everyone ought to be taking enzymes with every meal of
cooked food they eat. You won’t believe how much better you will feel. Your food
digests more easily, it doesn’t sit in your stomach as long, you don’t get as
much bloating, gas and indigestion when you take the enzymes, and in general you
have a lot more energy, because your body’s enzyme reserves aren’t being
depleted by eating cooked

Lack of Trace

Another underlying cause of
disease is a lack of TRACE MINERALS in our food. Even if you are buying high
quality produce (fresh fruits and vegetables), and you’re eating whole grains,
you’re not over-consuming your meat and dairy products, and you’re not eating a
lot of refined and processed foods,

still going to be malnourished in
our society. 

The reason is that our
foods lack nutritional density. Dr. Weston Price (dentist) did studies from all
over the world to compare the foods of indigenous people and people of
civilization. He took samples of the food people were eating and sent them
back to the states to be analyzed for nutritional content. He also took
measurements of the teeth and general health of the people that were eating
these various kinds of foods. He found that the foods of civilization lacked
trace minerals and that this was responsible for high levels of tooth decay,
poor tooth development, wisdom teeth becoming impacted, and a host of other
dental problems. But, he also found that this caused a general decline in health
and made people susceptible to a wide range of diseases. Our food here in the
states is severely lacking in trace

Research from the records
of the Dept. of Agriculture about 12 years ago showed that our food at that time
contained only about 10% of the trace mineral content as food grown in 1900. And
our mineral reserves have continued to decline each year since

Of course, organically grown
food is going to have at least 10 times the mineral content of food grown
commercially that you find in most grocery stores, and sometimes even 30 to 40
times more, depending on which food it is. For example, the content of iron in
spinach can be 100 times higher in organically grown spinach than in
commercially grown. (Albertsons is beginning to carry organic

Minerals are the spark
plugs which trigger enzyme systems. Enzymes not only help to digest our food,
but they also help run all the biochemical processes of the body. Every enzyme
has a particular mineral that kicks that enzyme in gear and makes it work. So,
any mineral we are deficient in means that certain enzyme functions will shut
down in our body. And as a result, those functions will not operate properly.
Since our food is deficient in trace minerals, many of our enzyme systems are
shut down. And this is the reason for the high amount of chronic and
degenerative disease we are experiencing in our society. It is possible that
every disease involves some sort of mineral deficiency of the

The best form of getting
minerals is through plants, because plants naturally raise minerals into a
colloidal suspension. A colloidal suspension is a micro-fine suspension of
minerals in a liquid solution. In their natural form, minerals form salts or
crystals, which don’t assimilate very well in the digestive tract. Small amounts
of minerals may break off because of the action of the hydrochloric action in
the stomach, but basically they aren’t utilized very well by the tissues.
Minerals in colloidal form have free-floating molecules in a liquid solution
that are separated by an electrical charge. This allows them to attach to an
amino acid in the digestive tract and be transported into the body and used by
the tissues. So, the best form of minerals is in a liquid colloidal form or
naturally as found in plants. For

– King among herbs for trace mineral content. It sends a root system down deep
into the soil (sometimes 30 ft) and picks up trace minerals that other plants
leave behind. 

Yellow Dock is a
great source of iron, instead of taking a straight iron

A Toxic Colon Is a
Third Underlying Cause 

It is important to
do a periodic cleanse of the colon because the body creates different illnesses
from a toxic colon and digestive

In the book Food is Your
Best Medicine by Dr. Henry Byler, he gives an outline of lines of defense in the
human body. The first line of defense is the intestinal tract. Its mucus
membrane is designed to be selective in what nutrients it absorbs and what
poisons it rejects, so that it acts as a first line of defense to help prevent
the body from assimilating things that should be

There is some information
coming available from the medical community about something called “leaky gut
syndrome.” Have any of you heard of that? That’s a way of saying, basically,
that the first line of defense isn’t doing its job anymore. What is happening is
that the mucus membrane has become so irritated and the bowel movement is so
sluggish, that the intestinal membranes are leaking toxins into the blood and
lymph. They are going into the bloodstream instead of being rejected and
filtered away. This is believed to contribute to a wide variety of health
problems, including allergies, immune system deficiency, arthritis and many

In Dr. Byler’s work, the
liver becomes the second line of defense from the digestive tract. All of the
nutrients that are absorbed into the bloodstream off the digestive tract are
taken up to the liver, where they break down into a bed of capillaries, and the
liver becomes a second filter. It tries to neutralize any poisons that have
gotten past the first line of defense and dumps those poisons into the gall
bladder to be eliminated back into

colon and eliminated from the

A case of the flu is actually
a case of liver stress, where the liver has become so overloaded with poisons
that it can no longer effectively handle or neutralize them. So, it dumps these
poisons into the digestive tract through the gall bladder to produce nausea,
vomiting and diarrhea to clear the digestive tract of pollutants. So a case of
stomach flu or food poisoning is actually a case of liver

The liver has other
functions, as well. It has over 5,000 enzyme systems which have the ability to
take on a wide variety of chemical substances and break them down into simple or
compound so that they can be neutralized or eliminated from the body. The liver
has to deal with food additives, pesticide residues, and any other waste
material that gets past the first line of

Now, when the liver loses
the ability to do its job, then the pollutants get past the liver and into the
general circulation. The trace minerals we talked about earlier are vital to
liver function, since every one of those 5,000 enzyme systems in the liver
require some trace mineral to kick it into

Once the liver has been
bypassed as the second line of defense, the third line of defense kicks into
gear, and this is the endocrine (or glandular) system. For example, the thyroid
forces elimination through the skin and mucus membranes along the lungs and
sinuses; whereas, the adrenal glands force an elimination through the kidneys
and, in women, through the menstrual cycle. Uneliminated waste in the body can
accumulate in the woman’s abdominal area just prior to menses for elimination.
This causes irritability, menstrual cramps, nausea and other symptoms associated
with PMS, which are relieved once menstruation begins, because these poisons are
then dumped out with the blood. 

problem with this is that the toxins being eliminated through the female organs
can irritate them, producing vaginal problems, cysts or other reproductive
difficulty. Further, hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause occur
because when the woman no longer produces a period at the time of menopause,
these unaccumulated toxins in the body have nowhere to go, and they have to find
another way to discharge them through the body. Then, you get the symptoms of

Lymphatic system would
be engaged as a fourth line of defense if these other ways have not worked. It
can store toxins, or the body can also stores toxins in the fatty tissues. That
way these poisons are shunted off and kept in storage if they fail to be
eliminated. Now, this gives us a whole host of problems that are arising simply
because the intestinal membranes are overloaded. If the colon gets sluggish and
backed up, it causes the lymph system to be backed up, and pretty soon it starts
to cause sinus drainage and elimination of wastes in other parts of the body
(sort of like a kitchen sink being plugged up and water starting to fill up and

The colon should move and
empty itself after every meal. Here’s how it should work. After a meal, the food
goes into the stomach. The stomach does its job, dumps the meal into the small
intestines. Then, the stomach cleans itself out to prepare itself for more food.
Meanwhile, the meal in the small intestines completes the process there, and
then it is transferred to the colon. Now, the stomach is ready for more food and
the next meal comes down into the stomach. And then for the meal in the colon –
the water and nutrients are absorbed out of the material in the colon, and the
colon is ready to evacuate and empty itself. So, basically, what you have is
three meals acting like railroad cars. One goes into the stomach, one goes into
the small intestine and one into the colon. The one in the colon empties out;
material from the small intestines goes into the colon; and the material from
the stomach goes into the small

This isn’t what is
happening with most civilized Americans. In most North Americans, the colon
transit time is approximately 72 hours. That means that nine meals are backing
up into the digestive tract before the last one is being eliminated. That’s way
too long! That uneliminated waste is irritating the lining of the colon, causing
it to loose its ability to become selective in rejecting toxins and absorbing
nutrients. This causes this problem we talked about earlier of the leaky gut
syndrome, so that poisons migrate up to the liver; the liver then becomes
overburdened; and then you get symptoms of hypoglycemia, PMS, migraines or other
headaches, general stiffness, irritability, food allergies, respiratory
congestion, skin eruptions and so

One of the common symptoms
of the liver being overburdened is that a person will have a hard time going to
sleep at night. And then in the morning they’ll feel very groggy and sluggish,
and won’t wake up feeling refreshed after their night’s

The whole picture begins in
the colon. Of course, the colon wouldn’t likely get toxic in the first place if
it weren’t for poor digestion. So, it is important to take digestive enzymes to
help keep the food digesting properly, if you are deficient in enzymes in
your body and are not eating enough raw food to make up for

Meanwhile, we can go on what is
called a colon cleanse, a means of cleaning out the bowel, so that we can get
things moving along the way they should, so that the first line of defense
functions properly. This shores up all of the other lines of defense, and it’s
amazing how many health problems can disappear just by doing a colon

The first thing one needs
in order to cleanse the colon is a source of water-soluble fiber. Psyllium hulls
is the major one used as a bulk laxative to bulk out the stool and push the
material through. They should be taken with LOTS of water, so that they will
swell up and form a gelatinous mass that lubricates the colon and helps push
things out. This gelatinous mass also absorbs the toxins, so that instead of
being taken across the intestinal membrane to go up and bombard the liver,
they are soaked up and carried out of the body. This mass also takes the bile
salts from the gall bladder and absorbs them, so that it absorbs excess
cholesterol from the body and lowers the cholesterol levels and helps to clean
out the liver. But, if you don’t drink enough water, or the psyllium hulls can
dry out in your intestinal tract and actually constipate you

Another thing you want to do
is to take something that stimulates your bowels to move. Cascara Sagrada is
great for this. It works in harmony with the natural cycle of elimination in the
body. Used properly, it is not habit forming. It stimulates the flow of bile,
which is nature’s natural laxative. This bile flow causes peristalsis, or a
squeezing action, of the intestines to move the food through to evacuate the
bowel. This usually occurs about 8 to 12 hours after you take it, so it is best
taken in the evening before going to

If a person has a spastic
colon, however, if they don’t take magnesium with it, they become dependent on
the Cascara or other stimulant laxative. If they take the magnesium, it keeps
the muscle cramps from forming and eventually their bowel should normalize
itself, providing they are improving their diet to have enough fiber and liquid
to keep the bowel moving

In doing a cleanse, you
should also take something to purify the blood and cleanse the liver, which is
your second line of defense. A good product for this is Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll
is the life blood of a plant, and this particular chlorophyll product comes
from the alfalfa plant. 

I have a
recipe for a very good but mild cleanse. You can use this cleanse and be
comfortable going to work or whatever activities you have planned. I recommend
that everyone do a cleanse at least twice a year. The best times to do a cleanse
are in the spring and in the fall when the weather is in transition. This helps
your body to adjust to the difference between the hot and cold seasons and all
that they bring. These times of the year are often when people get sick because
the body is trying to adjust itself. Doing a cleanse at those times may help
keep you from getting sick. 

Immune Function Is Another Underlying

A great answer to low immune
function is to use ANTIOXIDANT nutrients. They scour up free radicals, which are
oxygen compounds or other chemicals that get into our body and damage membranes
and the cell nucleus and are believed to be responsible for cancer, hardening of
the arteries and aging. Research 

shown that Vitamins A, C, E and the minerals selenium and zinc, as well as
substances called pycnogenols, help fight free radicals and enhance our immune
system function. They may even have an anti-aging

There are also some immune
stimulating herbs that are useful for helping to boost immune response. Can any
of you tell me one of the chief ones? We hear of it a lot on TV and radio.
Echinacea causes a nonspecific immune response. In other words, it boosts the
number of white blood cells and antibodies, but it doesn’t do it against any
particular microorganism. It does it for the body as a whole and protects
against any form of microorganism that may be attacking the

A similar herb in Chinese
herbology is ASTRAGALUS. Have you ever heard of that one? It helps with fatigue,
frequent colds and infection, and is something that you can take if your immune
system is run down. 

mushrooms are very beneficial for helping the immune response to pick

category of herbs that are closely related to immune enhancers are adaptogens.
They also can help us to cope with this stressful world we live in. Adaptogens
normalize the body functions when the body is subject to stress. Some of these
herbs would include: schizandra, licorice, ginseng and gotu

One of the signs that a
person needs one of these is that when a person is very tired and when they go
to sleep, they do not sleep soundly. They have restless dreams and wake up
several times during the night and get up to go to the bathroom. Or they may,
after four or five hours of sleep, wake up and not be able to go back to sleep.
This is a sign that the glands of their body are burning out under stress. And
if this keeps up, the person is likely to get sick, because their body is
going to wear down. I have found that herbal combinations that contain licorice
root and ginseng are great for helping the body adapt to stress, as well as the
water soluble Vitamins C and B

As society continues to
demand more out of us and as problems continue to grow. I believe it becomes
more and more important for us to keep our immune system and glands in good
working order by taking these kinds of herbs on a daily basis, or at least
periodically throughout the year, to give us a boost to these systems of the

So, in summary, everyone in
America could benefit from doing these four things we’ve just

1) using digestive enzymes to
help improve digestive function; 

taking trace minerals to make sure we’re getting the minerals that are lacking
in our food and that will help us to have more

3) doing a periodic cleanse to
keep the bowel in good working order and keep the body from having to back
toxins up through the other lines of

4) Plus, keeping the immune
system and the glands in good working condition with immune stimulants and

This would be a good
place to get started if you are wanting to begin an herbal program for yourself
and your families. These are things you can do that will help you to notice a
difference in the way you feel in as little as a week or

Home Medicine

(15 Products not to be

Fu Oil
– talk about a little first aid kit in a teeny little bottle –
that’s what Tei Fu Oil is. It’s a blend of aromatherapy oils, made by distilling
water through herbs. Contains: wintergreen, camphor and menthol, along with
some other oils. Has a wide variety of uses – can be rubbed into sore muscles or
cramps in the legs. (my testimony) It’s also an excellent remedy in taking down
the swelling and removing the pain in bites and stings. It also can help remove
bruises. You can inhale it for drying up or opening up the

Tree Oil
– A natural antiseptic and disinfectant. And it also promotes
the healing of cuts and injuries. You can apply it to burns, cuts and scrapes
and it will promote tissue healing. Now that’s not true of most antiseptics that
you get at the drug store. They kill not only the bacteria in the injury but
also the healthy cells around it. So, they slow the repairing process of the
wound. Tea Tree Oil actually stimulates the growth of tissue around the
edges and speeds the healing of the wound. And because it doesn’t sting and is
very easy to apply, kids like to put it on themselves without any complaint. It
also has antifungal properties, so it is good for treating athlete’s foot
and other fungal problems. It can be used internally diluted in water for yeast
overgrowth, or candida. 

– A combination of Bach Flower remedies plus arnica, calendula
and comfrey. This is a homeopathic remedy, so it works on an energy level to
help heal the body from emotional or physical shock or trauma – car accidents,
divorce situations, etc. It amazingly helps you get over emotional shock with
ease, and it also helps injuries to heal. Arnica, for example, one of the
ingredients, is an incredible healer of bruises and swelling. Calendula does a
similar thing for cuts. So, it can be applied topically in those

– This is something I would never be without – it’s my natural antibiotic and
has been called “nature’s penicillin” by some herbalists. Garlic is not only
more effective than commercial antibiotics in getting rid of most infections
faster, but it also has antifungal and antiviral properties. The best way to use
it is to take small, frequently repeated doses, such as 2 to 4 capsules every 2
to 4 hours. You can squeeze the oil into the ear to fight ear infections; you
can rub it on the chest to relieve respiratory congestion. Garlic can be applied
to wounds to prevent them from becoming infected. It also helps with blood
pressure, circulation, digestion and expelling

– I would especially have this in my home if I had children.
It can be taken internally in cases of food or chemical poisoning. It helps to
absorb any irritants that have been ingested. It is one of the safest
anti-poison remedies that you can have on hand. Of course, if someone gets
chemical poisoning, you should call Poison Control first to verify it is okay to
use it. But, charcoal absorbs some of the widest ranges of poisons known. But
that’s not all – charcoal is extremely good for getting rid of intestinal gas
and diarrhea in both adults and children. It absorbs the irritants that are
causing the diarrhea, and it even absorbs the gas. Charcoal can be applied
externally as a poultice to a bee sting or insect bite. It helps to dry out the
venom – even out of poisonous spider bites when applied every hour. You may not
need charcoal very often, but when you do need it, there is no better
remedy for the purposes than that

Vera Gel
– I bet you’ve all used aloe vera gel at some time. It’s the
greatest burn remedy around – perfect for sunburn, even the severest of burns.
It takes the pain away and causes the burn to turn tan in nothing flat. You
can even add a few drops of tea tree oil to it for more effectiveness and take
Vitamin C internally for an even better result. Aloe Vera gel can also be used
on scrapes and cuts. It stimulates the tissues and keeps them lubricated to help
them heal. 

The next 2 remedies I am
going to talk about together – Lobelia
and Capsicum
Extract. These are kind of cure-all remedies. Cayenne pepper, or capsicum,
stimulates blood flow wherever you apply it. And Lobelia helps to relax the
nerves in a very powerful way and helps to open up the lymphatic

Lobelia by itself has
several good uses. One is, you could take small doses and it will help your
muscles to relax and help you unwind. It can also be used similar to Epicac to
help someone throw up and get something poisonous out of their system. Of
course, here again, you need to call Poison Control and make sure it is safe to
throw up a particular poison. But, if it is safe, give in large repeated doses a
few minutes apart, along with warm water, to induce vomiting. Lobelia also
acts as a bronchial dialator, stopping asthma attacks and clearing congestive
lymph nodes, as in sore throat and tonsillitis. It helps relax the stomach and
improve digestion. It helps relax bowel spasms in the case of a spastic colon.
It helps get rid of an earache if you take it internally, as well as putting a
tiny bit in the ear with warm water. Lobelia helps pull stings out of insect
bites in 5 to 15 minutes. 

pepper is useful for colds and takes the pain out of sore throats if you gargle
with it. It stings for about 30 seconds and then it takes the pain away. At the
onset of a cold, if you take repeated doses of 2 capsules every hour, you can
knock it out in a few hours. 

two of these together, though, are really a powerhouse team. You can apply them
topically to help relieve pain. If you have a sore throat, you can mix them
together and massage your throat lightly with it for about 15 minutes and it
will take the pain away and the swelling out of the lymph nodes. If you gargle
with a little bit of it combined, it will help even that much

You can massage them into
the neck, shoulders and spine to relax the muscle spasms that cause headaches
and backaches. It brings the blood to nourish the area where it is rubbed in.
Then, if you put the Tei Fu Oil on after that, it helps drive it in. I do this
for my husband at night before he goes to sleep. He says it helps him sleep and
he wakes up more rested in the morning. Also, he’s not needing to go to the
chiropractor nearly as often now. You can do this on joints, also, if you have
arthritic pain. (Capsaicin Gel – capsaicin is the constituent in the cayenne
that gives it that heating sensation. Stimulates blood flow to the joints and
helps with healing.) 

– one of the best respiratory decongestants and expectorants around.
It comes in liquid, tablet and capsule forms. Remember, when you get respiratory
congestion, you don’t want to suppress the congestion. Because that would drive
the problem deeper into the body. What you want to do is help the body get it
out quickly. And that’s what ALJ does. It breaks up the congestion and helps the
sinuses to drain and helps the body to cough out the congestion. It is
invaluable when used with garlic to clear the body of all kinds of respiratory
problems – even pneumonia. The secret is to take small, frequently repeated
doses – anywhere from 2 to 4 capsules every 2 to 4 hours. It also helps settle
the stomach. And that is often where some of these respiratory problems come
from – from poor digestion in the

– Promotes stamina and endurance by helping the adrenal glands to
function better. It has a wide variety of uses. It especially helps with blood
sugar problems. Many people in our culture, and especially children, have blood
sugar problems because of the high quantities of refined sugar we are eating.
Blood sugar problems lead to instability in our energy levels. One of the major
symptoms is a late afternoon fatigue that settles in about 2:00 or 3:00 when you
start to feel sluggish and sleepy. So, licorice root helps to stabilize the
blood sugar. In fact, it helps to overcome cravings for sugar. It helps with
dizziness, fatigue, lack of endurance, prevents mood swings. It is also a mild
decongestant and expectorant. So it can actually soothe a cough, particularly a
dry, unproductive cough. It helps a tickle in the throat by using the extract in
a little water or by opening the capsule and just sucking on the capsule for
awhile. It tastes sweet like the licorice

It also helps with
inflammation in the body. The adrenal glands are supposed to produce a natural
cortisone to help keep inflammation down in the body. So, when inflammation is
present, you can use licorice root capsules to help build up the adrenals to
increase their own anti-inflammatory response. It can also help soothe

– This is needed because most people in our society have damaged their friendly
flora, or friendly bacteria, by use of antibiotics. So, acidophilus helps to
keep the colon in good working order and helps build the immune system. Anyone
who uses any kind of antibiotic needs to replace their friendly flora by using
acidophilus. It helps bring down yeast levels, helps with elimination, helps
elevate your immune response. 

– Chlorophyll is the green liquid in a plant that captures
the energy of the sun and transforms it into carbohydrates and the life process
of the plant. It is a natural deodorizer. It helps take away body odor from the
inside out, so that a person doesn’t need to plug up their pores with
antiperspirant deodorants. It can also help with smelly feet and bad breath.
Chlorophyll is a blood builder. It increases the oxygen supply in the blood. I
heard a story about another herbalist, Debra Starnes. When her dad was in the
hospital with low oxygen levels in the blood, whenever his oxygen levels would
dive, she would rub liquid chlorophyll on the bottoms of his feet. She couldn’t
give it to him internally because he had a tube down his throat. But when
she rubbed it on his feet, the oxygen levels on the monitors would rise.
Chlorophyll has an ability to enhance the blood’s ability to take up oxygen. So,
it is very useful for helping people with anemia and people who are very

Chlorophyll helps women when
they are going through labor. They often get very fatigued and their oxygen
levels drop. When they take the chlorophyll along with Vitamin C, their energy
level picks back up again. It can also help replace blood that was lost. It
helps your body make new blood quickly. It helps disinfect injuries and helps
them to heal better. It helps alkalize your blood stream. Many of us are eating
too many acid-forming foods – too many meats and grain and not enough fresh
fruits and vegetables. And chlorophyll can help establish the alkaline balance
in the body rather quickly. So, liquid chlorophyll, to sum it up, is good to
have on hand for loss of blood, for anemia, for building up iron levels,
fighting infection, a quick energy pick-me-up. It also comes in gel

– herb which has a nonspecific immune-stimulating effect. In other words, it
doesn’t fight any particular infection; it helps the body fight all infection.
It stimulates the body to produce more white blood cells and antibodies. It
helps keep an infection contained instead of spreading. It works best taken in
small, frequently repeated doses and just 10 days at a

– It works against a wide range of bacterial infections. It also
tones the gastrointestinal membranes and improves digestive function. It also
lowers blood sugar levels, so it is useful for diabetics. However, people with
hypoglycemia will probably want to take OREGON GRAPE, which is similar, instead
of Golden Seal (or take Licorice Root with the Golden Seal) in order to keep it
from lowering their blood sugars too much. It also helps injuries to heal. When
applied topically, it stimulates healing much the same way that Tea Tree Oil

So, the combination of Golden
Seal and Echinacea together is probably one of the most powerful antiseptic,
immune stimulant combinations you can

– This is a volatile oil like the Tei Fu Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Any
of these three oils can be used on canker sores, or cold sores. At first, it
stings but then it numbs it, and repeated applications help it to heal.
Peppermint is a milder oil and safer for internal use, but one of the major uses
is to settle an upset stomach. It is excellent for dispelling gas, allaying
nausea, calming the stomach and promoting mental alertness. You can put a drop
into warm water and sip it or just put a drop of it on your finger and apply it
to the back of your tongue. For a child who has an upset stomach, it would be
better to rub the oil right onto the stomach instead of taking it

– It’s a great daily preventative, but I’m going to talk about its
use for therapeutic purposes when certain things happen. Vitamin C is one of the
very best neutralizers of toxins that there is – a really great free radical
scavenger. If you take about 1,000 mg every hour, it can help neutralize poisons
get into the blood stream; it alleviates sunburn, bites and stings, and helps
you get over colds. 

These are not
only good remedies to keep on hand at home but they are some great things to
take with you in your first aid kit when you

-Steven Horne

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