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3 Things You Can Do Each Day To Become More Flexible

Flexibility may not seem like the most important health aspect for you right now, but the truth is that the older you get the more you’ll wish you’d spent time increasing your flexibility. As you age it gets more difficult to stretch  – such as bending over to tie your shoes,

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3 Stress-Relieving Meditation Techniques to Do at Your Desk

Where do most Americans spend the bulk of their workdays? (Psst! The clue is in the title.)

You guessed it. Eighty-six percent (86%) of American workers have desk jobs, and with a huge percentage of us reporting that we regularly experience the physical (77%) and psychological (73%) symptoms of stress,

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7 Yoga Poses

Why do you do yoga?

As Marlynn Wei, M.D., J.D., notes in her article for Psychology Today, yoga actually changes the gray matter. Yes, your brain goes through structural changes the longer you practice yoga, and the most significant benefit is that yoga helps prevent a natural decline in brain matter volume as we age.

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