You Could Have 15kg Of Toxins Hidden In Your Bowels

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Your colon’s job is to eliminate the waste from your body. But while your colon ensures that your body is at an optimum health, have you ever wondered if the colon itself is free of toxins?

Within 70 years, an astonishing 100 tons of food and 40,000 liters of liquids go through your body.

However over time, especially when the colon doesn’t function efficiently, the waste materials may not be expelled from the body thoroughly – potentially creating a build-up of waste deposits along the walls of the colon, such as fecal and bacterial matter, which causes colon toxicity. [2]

Your colon might lose its ability to properly expel the waste materials in your body due to a number of factors. This includes (but are not limited to) poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, drug intake, and an unhealthy lifestyle. [2]

It stands to reason that a body that doesn’t expel wastes properly is at a high risk of contracting deadly diseases. It’s possible that up to 15 kilograms of impacted and toxic food wastes may be residing in your intestines. [1]

Colon toxicity is one of the primary causes of health problems regarding the colon and rectum which could eventually lead to cancer. [3] Many people tend to overlook the well-being of their colon, not realizing that this could be the cause of many illnesses in the future.

Symptoms Of Colon Toxicity

People with colon toxicity may experience the following symptoms: [3]

1. Low energy. You may feel lethargic throughout the day, and may suffer from muscle weakness and may experience restlessness during sleeping.
2. Constipation. If you have to push, strain, or wait on the stool for it to pass, then you might have constipation.
3. Dehydration. An unhealthy colon can’t reabsorb water into the bloodstream as efficiently due to the waste build-up, making the body inadequately hydrated.
4. Diarrhea. Described as a watery stool with a more frequent urge in bowel movement, diarrhea is often chronic (ongoing) when it is a symptom of colon toxicity.
5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This is characterized as an abdominal discomfort and a change in your bowel regularity.
6. Halitosis. One symptom of colon toxicity Is halitosis, or having bad breath despite having just brushed the teeth.
7. Bloating. Having a bloated abdomen is a symptom of colon toxicity that can easily be spotted.

Colon-Cleansing Foods

These are five of the most fiber-rich food which help your bowel keep moving and prevent fecal matter from building up in your colon. [3]

1. Fruit. Raw is the best way to go with fruits as it is full of fiber, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.
2. Vegetables. Also full of fiber, eating a lot of leafy-green vegetables can help cleanse your colon efficiently.
3. Whole wheat bread. Ditch the refined bread and opt for whole wheat which also contains a lot fiber.
4. Seeds and nuts. Choose soy nuts, flax seed, pistachio, and sesame seeds which are deemed to be extremely beneficial to the colon.
5. Legumes. Chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils can be used to replace meat in your meal occasionally.


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