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This is What Happens to Your Memory When You Eat a Pinch of Turmeric Every Day

Eating a single gram of turmeric each day could cause short-term memory improvements in people predisposed to memory loss, according to a study conducted by researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and several Taiwanese research institutes, and published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Milk Thistle Benefits: 6 Things You Don’t Know About Milk Thistle

What are some of the benefits of milk thistle?

There are several milk thistle benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps support the hepatic system. It helps stabilize cell membranes and facilitates elimination of toxins from the body. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center,

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15 Foods To Fight Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition where there is not enough oxygen supply in the blood, causing our tissues and organs to be deprived of oxygen needed to function. This is condition is largely related to a lack of iron, which is required in order for the body to create hemoglobin,

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Nature’s Fresh: Miracle Worker in a Bottle

In the 1980s, Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) introduced the enzyme spray called Nature’s Fresh as household stain remover and deodorizing agent.  The product is remarkably effective at knocking out all kinds of odors (pet smells, smoke, food odors, and even the smell of skunk). 

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Sunshine Concentrate

Sunshine Concentrate can be used to replace many of your expensive, toxic household cleaning products. It is phosphate free, non-polluting, biodegradable and non-irritating. A little goes a long way. One quart makes 64 gallons of cleaning solution. Sunshine Concentrate is not a detergent,

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Para-Cleanse with Paw Paw

Parasites are a far more common problem in North America than most people think. They can be picked up from contaminated water, improperly prepared food and pets. It has been estimated that at least 20% and perhaps as high as 80-90% of the population have at least one form of parasite in their body.

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Herbal Pumpkin

Herbal Pumpkin is a traditional formula for eliminating worms and other parasites from the digestive tract. Its ingredients help to immobilize and expel worms, stimulate peristalsis of the colon, and soothe inflamed and irritated tissues. Besides being used as a parasite-cleansing formula, Herbal Pumpkin has also proven beneficial for supporting prostate health in men.

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Bronchial Formula, Ayurvedic

When it comes to bronchial and other respiratory problems, a holistic approach using Ayurvedic herbs is a new avenue to take for optimum results.  The Ayurvedic approach to disease, similar to Chinese and other natural health philosophies, focuses on looking at associated body systems where the root of the health problem may reside.

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Combination CBG Extract

Hearing your little girl screaming in the middle of the night with a horrible earache is frightening to any parent—unless you know what to do about it. CBG is a lifesaver you may want to have in your home for these kinds of emergencies. By using several beneficial herbs in one combination,

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BP-X is a traditional blood purifier for clearing skin conditions. In traditional medicine, morbid conditions and skin eruptions like rashes and pox were thought to be the result of impure blood. Herbs that were effective in clearing up these types of conditions were known as blood purifiers.

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Thyroid Activator

Thyroid Activator was designed to nourish and support normal thyroid function.  The thyroid gland produces hormones which increase energy, burn fat and regulate metabolism.  Low thyroid function can result in dry skin, fatigue, weight gain, low blood pressure, feeling cold and/or sluggish, puffiness in the face and around the eyes,

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TS II with Hops

TS II with Hops is a combination primarily used to support the thyroid gland.  It acts as an iodine supplement, but also supplies other trace minerals which may benefit thyroid health. It helps increase metabolic rate, aids in detoxification and promotes circulation. The hops in TS II act to calm the nerves since individuals with thyroid problems usually have nervous stress.

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