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The winter is considered cold and flu season and I want to share with you my tips for curing (yes, curing) the common cold and flu. For decades they’ve been telling us that there is no cure for the common cold. If there was no cure, then how did you recover from your last cold? Obviously, the body knows how to cure a cold because it does so all the time. So, why do people say there’s no cure for the common cold? Perhaps they are looking for an external cure in the form of a drug rather than supporting the body’s efforts to cure the cold.

You see, most people treat colds in ways that interfere with the body’s amazing mechanisms for curing them. In doing so, they actually prolong the duration of the cold rather than shortening it.  These methods can also make you sicker in the long run.

There is a better way to treat colds, flu and other acute ailments. In fact, you can dramatically shorten the length of time it takes to recover – often in less than 24 hours.

But that’s just the beginning! By using these effective methods, you can recover substantially within a few hours of the onset of symptoms. Additionally, these methods will strengthen your immune system to make you less susceptible to infection the next time around. Before we share some tips on how to do this, let’s look at some ineffective approaches and why they don’t work.

First, OTC (over-the-counter) cold and flu medications don’t help you get over a cold faster.  By their own admission, the makers of these medications admit they merely surpress symptoms, and that’s the last thing you want to do. You see, the symptoms are created by your immune system trying to cure you of the cold, so surpressing the symptoms is actually making the immune system work harder, and prolonging the length of your suffering.

Second, you don’t “feed a cold.” This is a misinterpretation of Hippocrates’ famous saying, “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” Eating any kind of heavy food when you’re acutely ill will interfere with healing by diverting the body’s energy to digestion. You may have noticed that you have no appetite when you have a cold or flu. This is especially true in children and animals. Fasting or taking only liquid foods will actually enhance recovery time.

Finally, skip the antibiotics. Colds and flu are viral disorders and antibiotics are only effective against specific strains of bacteria. So, they’re completely ineffective for colds and flu. Doctors only prescribe them as a placebo because people want to take something, although they may use the weak and unscientific justification that they prevent “secondary infections.” 

You should also understand that antibiotics are not a harmless placebo. Using antibiotics destroys friendly bacteria in your colon, which weakens your immune system and makes you more prone to get sick again.  Antibiotics should be reserved for serious bacterial infections.

Curing a Cold is as Easy as A-C-B!

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. The coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and other related cold symptoms are all generated by the immune system trying to throw off both the microbes and the toxic material that creates the host environment for the disease. When you try to surpress these symptoms, even with natural remedies, you’re working against the body’s cold-curing activities. 

The A-C-B method of curing colds stands for Activate, Cleanse and Build.  Basically, your body needs an energy boost to help it push the cause of the irritation out of the system—that’s A for Activation. Next, you want to help the body expel the irritants by opening up the channels of elimination in the body—that’s C for Cleansing. Finally, as soon as you start to feel better, you want to replenish the nutrients your body consumed in fighting off the disease and bring your internal environment back to a state of health—that’s what B for Building. 

In this issue, we’ll take a look at the first step, Activation.  Often this is all that’s required to rapidly recover from a cold or flu.  For more stubborn infections, however, you’ll also need to cleanse, which we’ll cover next week.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine the concept of “wei qi” (pronounced “way chee”) describes the energy field which, like the energy field surrrounding a sci-fi space ship, surrounds and protects the body from disease. This energy pushes outward on the surfaces of the mucus membranes lining the lungs, digestive tract and skin.

Herbs with a pungent taste, such as capsicum, horseradish and ginger, help sustain wei qi energy. Think about what happens when you eat these spicy foods. You perspire, your nose runs, your eyes water, and mucus clears from your throat and lungs. Eat enough of these spicy foods and they’ll even promote evacuaton of your bowels. In short, these pungent herbs activate the energy that helps the body discharge harmful irritants.  That’s why they’re effective weapons in fighting a cold.

As soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on, stop eating, start drinking lots of liquids and starting taking some of these pungent herbs.  A good formula to use is HCP-X, also known as Herbal Composition Powder.  HCP-X is an herbal formula for colds, flu, fever and other acute ailments that is as effective today as it was when it was developed 200 years ago.

HCP-X works faster if you brew it into a tea using 2-3 capsules per cup of water.  Sip the tea frequently until you start to feel better.  If you can’t stand the taste of the tea, you can get a similar benefit by taking  2 capsules every 1-2 hours with plenty of warm or room temperature water. Don’t drink cold water when you’re sick!

HCP-X is too strong for kids, so children can use liquid CC-A with Yerba Santa.  Give a small dose (about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon every 15-30 minutes with plenty of water.  Adults can also use this blend in a larger dose. You can also use the encapsulated CC-A formula for adults or children old enough to swallow capsules.  Take 2-4 capsules every hour with plenty of warm or room temperature water.

Again, refrain from eating solid food while you are doing this.  If you get hungry, limit your food intake to fresh fruit or vegetable juices or clear soups (broths).  These help flush the system.  In other words, the old adage, drink plenty of fluids and rest in bed, is still great advice for overcoming a cold.

There’s a follow-up article to this one about how to open up the eliminative channels and clear out the toxins the body is trying to discharge faster.  This also dramatically decreases the time it takes to recover from a cold. Click on the link below to learn how to cleanse that cold away. There are also links to other articles to help you through the cold and flu season.

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