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Vitamin D inhibits prostate cancer by activating inflammation-regulating gene, study suggests

Vitamin D3Vitamin D may reduce prostate cancer risk by acting on a gene that lowers inflammation, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center and published in the journal Prostate.

Back in 1990, scientists first suggested that vitamin D might be the common variable linking a number of known prostate cancer risk factors,

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Magnesium Rich Foods [infographic]


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10 Reasons to Eat More Cabbage [infographic]


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How to make your own Almond Milk [infographic]


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Kale Smoothie [infographic]


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What are Avocados good for [infographic]


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Top 4 ways to improve liver function

Hepatic SystemLiving in a world that has toxins at every turn has left our liver function in a hot mess. Everyday touches with toxins in our food, air, water, personal care, and household products has slowly but surely created a burden on this hard working organ that has compromised our ability to detoxify properly on a day-to-day basis.

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The Best Foods For 15 Vitamins and Minerals [infographic]

It is not uncommon for well-meaning friends, or even a physician to tell you to get more of a certain vitamin in your diet. For example, during cold season you might hear people say to eat more Vitamin C. But why do you need these vitamins, and what are the best foods for getting them?

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Why You Can Trust NSP’s Chinese Formulas For Potency, Purity and Safety

By Lynda Hammons, Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

The popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) is on the rise. Globally, hundreds of millions of dollar are spent on TCM products each year. In the US, more than 1 million people annually use Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Maca: the perfect food for balancing our hormones

MacaIn today’s world of widespread pollution and gender-bending chemicals, it can often be difficult to keep our hormones in balance. Even the most health-conscious of us are assaulted on all sides by a large number of poisons, such as BPA, that can disrupt our endocrine systems and cause havoc in our bodies.

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Benefits of Turmeric [infographic]


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Protein in Plant Foods [infographic]


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