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Strontium, PFOA and toxic chemicals found in one-third of U.S. water supply

You may want to think twice before further drinking or even bathing in unfiltered tap water, as a new report set to be published next year has found that a striking percentage of the U.S. water supply is contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Researchers from the U.S.

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Kale vs Spinach? Which Wins the Superfood Faceoff? [Infographic]

Kale has been the trendy new health food in recent years, and with good reason. But don’t forget about the old standby super food, spinach.

Looking at this graphic we made from information provided by USNews, there seems to be a reason behind Popeye’s obsession with spinach instead of other green superfoods —

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Enzymes: The spark of life (chi) and their role in health and longevity

Food Enzymes

What are enzymes? Enzymes are vital proteins within the body that are necessary for all of life’s functions. Without enzymes, we simply could not live. All metabolism and metabolic processes that occur within the body require enzymes for them to take place.

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Oxford Scientists: Conjugated Linoleic Acids Kill Cancer Cells

Numerous journals have reported that conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) have ‘anti-proliferative qualities’ for cancer cells. CLAs are dietary fatty acids, an Omega 6, that have both anti-mutagenic and anticarcinogenic qualities. For men with prostate cancer (currently the second most prevalent type of cancer in Western countries) this is great news. 

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Consumer Lab Approves Nature’s Prenatal on Dr. Oz

A recent Dr. Oz episode investigated the quality of the supplements Americans are putting in their bodies. And it revealed that not every supplement is created equal.

“When I found out that the $28 billion vitamin and supplement industry may be cheating you, it made me angry. I wanted to see for myself.

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10 ways owning a pet benefits your health

dog530Pet owners know how much their furry friend improves their quality of life. But it’s not all about unconditional love — although that actually provides a wellness boost, too. On an emotional level, owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety; health-wise, it can lower your blood pressure,

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Antibiotics Made Irrelevant By Colloidal Silver?

The Problem With Antibiotics

Many stories have been written lately for Natural News and other sites about the pending health disaster of super microbes resulting from the use of antibiotics.  The problem is that antibiotics have been used for many decades to kill pathogenic organisms, but they never quite kill them all. 

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Acai berry – Six ways this superfood can change your health

If you’ve never heard of the acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) berry, you’re missing out on the enormous benefits this superfood offers. So let’s get schooled on this reddish-purple fruit harvested from the acai palm tree, which is native to the rainforests of Brazil (as always, consult your doctor before taking any supplements):

Let’s keep you looking younger.

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Using juniper berries for urinary tract infections

Using a natural remedy such as juniper berries for a urinary tract infection (UTI), especially if you catch it early enough, is a great alternative to antibiotics. Juniper berries have long been used to treat both kidney and bladder conditions, as they contain both antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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Top 16 Health Benefits of Turmeric

For anyone following a holistic health lifestyle, the benefits of turmeric make this spice a “must-have” in the larder. It has actually been used for over 4000 years to treat ailments ranging from upset tummies to various forms of cancer. It was used by the Ancient Chinese,

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Probiotics shown to dramatically heal food sensitivities


For those who are familiar with the GAPS diet, rebuilding the gut is of paramount importance. After all, the gut isn’t only involved in properly absorbing nutrients to keep us fit – it’s the foundation for a strong nervous system and immunity as well. When the gut is in top form,

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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? 9 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

listenThe body is a magnificent machine. When things go awry, it generally doesn’t just shut down without warning, like an incandescent light bulb popping its filament. Instead it sends us little signals (think of them as gentle biological taps on the shoulder) letting us know that something is amiss.

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