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Approaches to Weight Loss

Weight Loss ScaleIt’s not just calories…

An estimated 68% of American adults qualify as overweight or obese because they eat more calories than they burn. Although this assessment of weight gain appears logical, there may be several other factors that contribute to the preponderance of obesity in the United States.

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7 flower remedies

Flower Essence Product Line

Each of the seven products features seven ingredients. They are all designed with energetic principles, which bring the body back to balance. The name of each product affirms its purpose.

Flower Essences Emotional Remedies

What are flower remedies?

Flower remedies for emotional distress are liquid extracts made from carefully selected flowers.

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The Importance Of Healthy Living

Healthy Living FamilyEstablishing a pattern of healthy living establishes hope for a healthy future. Allowing your body to fall behind in one aspect of healthy living can negatively affect your overall health and happiness as every system in the body is closely interacting with the others. Take control of your health with the help of Nature’s Sunshine today!

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Flower Essence Remedies for Emotional Health

Flower Essence Product Line This week Nature’s Sunshine released their newest product line: Flower Essence Remedies. These emotional remedies were created from carefully chosen flowers gown in certified organic gardens. These flower essence remedies were created to help combat basic emotional imbalances that so many people face.

As we face life’s problems on a daily basis,

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