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Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

ParsleyJust about everyone is familiar with parsley as a culinary herb.  It is often placed as a garnish on the plate and is used in salads, soups and other recipes.  A member of the Apiacea family (which makes it a relative of celery, carrots and parsnips), parsley is easy to grow and harvest for home use.

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JP-XWe think of urine as being unsanitary, but the truth is that urine is sterile, that is, free of bacteria. In order to get a bacterial infection in the bladder or urethra, bacteria have to enter the urethra and travel upwards into the urinary system. Women are five times more prone to UTIs than men because they have much shorter urethra. 

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Kidney Activator

Kidney ActivatorThe kidneys are charged with the responsibility of removing waste material from the blood stream. Without this vital function, acid waste from metabolism would build up in the body, resulting in disease and eventually death.

When the body starts to retain water, the kidneys may need a little help in filtering waste fluid from the system.

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Herbs for the Urinary System:

Urinary SystemA Primary Channel of Detoxification

 We all know that cleansing is important, but most of the time we focus our cleansing efforts on the colon. We’ve probably all heard sayings like, “Death begins in the colon,” which reinforce the idea that keeping our bowels moving is primary. 

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Immune System Health

Ultimate EchinaceaMany immune system supplement ingredients are effective in supporting immune system health.

Immune Health and the Gut

If you have done some reading on immune system health lately, you know that immune system support involves a complex network of specialized cells and organs that evolved to defend the body against attacks by foreign invaders such as bacteria,

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