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Colloidal Silver Benefits for Immune Support

Silver ShieldThe Science

Proven by in vitro testing, the colloidal silver in Silver Shield helps rid the body of invasive microorganisms.

The body is constantly bombarded with invasive bacteria and viruses that weaken the immune system. Finding ways to boost your immune system can make all the difference in your overall health.

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Circulatory System pack

Circulatory system packTransportation

The circulatory system transports food, oxygen, and water to every system of the body through an intricate network of blood vessels. 

Common concerns: Cholesterol/triglyceride buildup, Stress, Poor circulation, Arterial plaque, Heart Disease, Hypertension. 

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Digestive System Pack

Digestive System packIt’s Complicated

It takes your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, pancreas and liver just to digest a glass of milk.

The digestive process: You are what you eat and absorb.    

Digestive health supplements can help aid the digestive process.

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Glandular System Pack

Glandular System packThe Glandular System

Glands can become weakened by stress, a poor diet, chemicals in our food and air, and many other factors.

Glandular Supplements: 

This gland is your gland, this gland is my gland.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream.

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Hepatic System Pack

Hepatic System packLiver Health

The liver plays vital roles in digestion, metabolism and the elimination of toxins. 

Show your liver some love with liver health supplements.

Liver health supplements can positively affect the body on several levels. The liver plays vital roles in digestion,

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Immune System Pack

Immune system packHealthy Immune System

Protecting the body from outside invaders requires a veritable army of defenders.

The best defense is a healthy immune system.

Protecting the body from outside invaders requires a veritable army of defenders. A healthy immune system—or defense team—includes lymph nodes,

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Intestinal System Pack

Intestinal System PackColon Health

The colon, also called the bowel or large intestine, is usually about six feet long in adults. It pulls water from the waste material it houses and sends it back to the bloodstream while moving waste along the path toward evacuation.

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Nervous System Pack

Nervous system packThe Communication Network

The nervous system provides the vital communication link between our internal world and the external world around us. 

Common concerns: Tension, Mood Support, Absentmindedness, Occasional Sleeplessness, Cerebral Circulation.

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Respiratory System Pack

Respiratory System packThe Oxygen Supplier

The respiratory system is essential to the body’s growth and movement because it supplies oxygen, enabling the body to produce energy.

Common concerns: Respiratory function, Seasonal changes, Cold weather season support, Bronchial support

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Structural System pack

Structural System packThe Framework For The Body

The structural system, like a building frame, houses our other body systems and helps our body withstand outside stresses and strains. 

Common concerns: Joint mobility, Bone health, Muscle strength, Posture

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Urinary System Pack

Urinary Pack

The Urinary System

The Internal Water-Treatment Plant

The urinary system filters the blood supply in order to maintain a clean supply of fluids that the body’s systems can utilize. 

Common concerns: Bladder/kidney function,

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Probiotic Supplements For Digestive Health and Immune Strength

Probiotic ElevenProbiotic supplements can influence your overall health in many ways. Probiotics, better known as good bacteria, help counter the body’s lack of gut flora. Most people view bacteria as harmful, disease-causing microorganisms that attack the body when in fact, probiotics do a great job at fighting infectious,

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